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Dec 10, 2009 09:56 AM

Sephardi Market in South Shore LI?

Are there any Sephardi markets in the five towns or anywhere else on the Island, besides Great Neck, that sell fresh garenim, Turkish pistachios, lemon roasted almonds...or other goodies of the like? Perhaps in Roslyn? I'm looking for something like Halon in Brooklyn, or A to Z in Great Neck. Where do the Roslyn Persian Jews do their shopping?

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  1. Try Tavlin Market in Bellmore:
    (516) 221-9008
    2828 Merrick Rd

    1. while not Sephardic, "Oh Nuts" in Cedarhurst might carry a lot of what you're looking for

      1. The Persian Jewish community in the Great Neck/Roslyn vicinity shop in Great Neck on Middleneck Road for Persian spices such as dried limes, barberries and the like.

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          There are several places in the Five Towns. Jerusalem Market on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst and Ruthie's Grocery near the Cedarhurst railroad station..