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Dec 10, 2009 09:37 AM

Your Comments and Thoughts on Dram Shop on 9th Street in PS

I stopped in once in the early evening some weeks after they first opened and the loud, pounding music caused me to gulp down my beer and skedaddle. But I keep reading and hearing about the place, especially the good to great burgers. So I'm wondering if they've turned down the volume (or, even better, turned off the music entirely), and I'm also looking for opinions on the food.

I'm also curious as to the type of crowd they draw.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. We (2 couples) went on a Saturday afternoon. Empty sans 2-3 single men watching a game on the multiple TVs. Music was absolutely pounding and I thought rude of the bartender (very young, friendly, early- 20 something) to expose us all to that decibel level when the place is actually empty (not to mention on a Saturday at 1pm- too early for that). Anyway, we all had burgers and they were really really good. Similar to a frou frou Big Mac (2 thin patties). Fries were to my liking and you can get a special dipping sauce (we had a chipotle blend), that was good. We all loved them, but I don't know if we can handle going back anytime soon due to the seriously loud (and bad) music and the inability to actually converse with anyone around you. I came away thinking they have an identity crisis. It's quite nice in there with the wood and vintage -looking lamps, but then there are TVs and screens and speakers everywhere and oddly, the focus does not seem to be on the menu or food.

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      Thank you for the detailed reply. I have to admire you and your friends for sticking around long enough to try the food and enduring that noise. The evening that I went I was meeting my wife, and we were going to try the burgers, but I couldn't take the noise. I drank my beer and waited outside for my wife, and we went elsewhere that night.

      I wonder if they have any idea how much business they must be losing simply because they don't have sense enough to turn the music down.

      Thanks again...

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        I hope you guys complained about the music. The only way they'll know is if customers complain.

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          Ive complained about overloud or inappropriate music in restaurants on several occasions in the past, including nice places that have very few customers. and have never had any response. I particularly remember a very nice restaurant in the E. Village with interesting Armenian French cuisine. We went in one night and were the only patrons. They were playing pounding heavy metal music. We asked for a turndown which was ignored. Obviously we never went back tho we enjoyed the mealI and the restaurant subsequently closed. We concluded that when this happens the staff is pleasing itself and indifferent to the patrons - not a recipe for success. .

    2. Man, I've wanted to try thisplace. But...when you can hear the music out front, well that leaves me out...

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        I had lunch there several months ago - I wanted to try the burger. And it was excellent. But the music was painfully loud. There were only a handful of people there during a weekday lunch time and blasting music was so inappropriate.

        I haven't been back . I've got to think they're losing a ton of business. This is the sort of place that should offer a cozy, pubby type atmosphere, to go along with their pretty good food. But instead they' seem to be trying to turn it into a club. I can't imagine that they'll survive the economic downturn. But if they made some changes they just might turn into a great little neighborhood place. Someone should print out this thread and slip it under their door!

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          The burger is one of the best in the area and the fries are also delicious. Unfortunately I have never really thought it was overly loud, I mean it is a bar. Granted when I have gone was during football or baseball games so the crowd is fully into the game. It the music is too loud and enough people feel that way then just talk to the owner, hopefully they will make some changes for you.

      2. I'm with Team Love-the-Burgers-Hate-the-Decibel-Level. Even if I go by myself, it's too noisy to even read a paper or a magazine.

        I do have friends who do takeout from Dram Shop, and their food does seem to travel well (they don't deliver).

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          i go every sunday for the football games. the beer list(captain lawrence, sixpoints) vs the burgers vs the chicken wings vs the bloody mary are the good points, but even with football the music is silly...a good example of the good outweighing the bad for me.