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Dec 10, 2009 09:20 AM

Odd things 2 find.. Yunnan steam pot

Anyone seen one of these in the various Chinese highways and byways of Boston - its a covered clay pr porcelain pot with a center tube (sort of like an Angel-food cake pan or a smaller Scorpion bowl, for the Hong Kong fans out there) - its placed over boiling water and the steam comes up through the center tube and cooks the food inside. Its often called a yunnan steam pot. I can find them here and there online, but haven't seen them for sale in Boston. Thx..

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  1. I haven't seen them, and I go at least occasionally to most of the Chinese supermarkets/what-not stores in the area. That said, I wasn't looking for one either.

    Have you tried the restaurant supply store in Chinatown? ( corner of Beach and Lincoln, I think )He has lots of items stored in places that are difficult to see.

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    1. re: qianning

      No, but that's a good reminder.. got a wok there a while back (and some cool cheap tiki mugs).. I'll pop in there next time I am down that way..

      1. re: grant.cook

        just curious what do you intend to cook in this? i associate that type of pot with chicken cooked in a ginger/qou-qi broth, but i can't think what else one makes in it.

        1. re: qianning

          Pretty much that sort of thing.. chicken-ish soups and rice-based dishes.. nothing too critical for the dinner table, I just like using regional cooking items..

          1. re: grant.cook

            i used a cantonese style clay pot for similar dishes all the time.

      2. re: qianning

        Recently I tried to find this store and couldn't. Does anyone have the name and address? Is it still open?

        1. re: bizkat

          hmm.. don't really have an address... if you start at the bottom of Lincoln St., at the highway offramp, and walk up, its on the right.. its right past some wholesale food place.. its not big - just a door and a couple of window-widths... it USED to be located sort of behind Tufts Medical Center but moved, so there might be old addresses floating around..

          1. re: grant.cook

            its called Eagle something-or-other-supply, and is definitely on the corner of Lincoln & Beach, the door is on the eastern side of Lincoln. it is definitely still there & in business.

      3. The original comment has been removed