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Dec 10, 2009 08:48 AM

Noburu in Montgomeryville?

Noticed a new place last weekend on 309 near 202 in Montgomeryville called Noburu- anyone have any more info? It looked like the front of the building said sushi buffet but it's set back a bit behind some shops so I didn't get a clear view.

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  1. It is still being constructed. We passed it going into Costco this morning. The side of the building has a sign up indicating Contemporary Asian Cuisine.

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    1. re: crazyspice

      Hope they open soon. Who is the premium sampler of the weekend at Costco crazy? If it's David's cookies again I gotta avoid Costco. I still have a chocolate truffle cheesecake in my freezer. Those samplers are da devil!

      1. re: givemecarbs

        The fudge guy was there today. I was hoping for the "senior lunch" today, but there were zero food demos going on.

      2. re: crazyspice

        I drove by today and there's also a sign stating sushi buffet.

      3. Does anyone have any updates? I heard it was supposed to open in February. I'm trying to find their website or phone number....

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 There isn't anything on their website other than they claim the grand opening was March 16th. I haven't been over there in a couple of weeks to see what the progress has been.

          1. re: crazyspice

            I posted this earlier on the other thread.

            I had the Noboru lunch buffet last week - FANTASTIC. I'm not sure if they can continue to serve this kind of quality for the long haul and still make money, so don't delay on this one. It completely blew away Minado. A little pricey for lunch ($15) but worth every penny.

            1. re: exiledinoreland

              Saying that Noboru "completely blew away Minado" is hardly a glowing recommendation. How does it compare to Cho Cho San, Fuji or other sushi places in the area?

              1. re: mitchh

                Well it seems legitimate to compare to other buffet places, but yes it might be interesting to see how it stands up to more standard sushi places.

                1. re: leepinleemur

                  Considering there is only 1 in the area and the concensus is that it's pretty bad, it's not much of a recommendation. Frankly some of the supermarket sushi is better than Minado's.

                  The poster stated that $15 is a little pricey for lunch. If, in fact, I'm splurging on lunch, you can get a pretty good sushi lunch at East, Fuji, Cho Cho San, etc for around $15. So, unless the quality at a buffet is better than those places, then I'll pass on the buffet.

                  1. re: mitchh

                    I found the quality of the sushi to be as good or better than Blue Fin (Ply Meeting), Kabuki (K of P) and Osaka (Chestnut Hill).

                    For the price of 2 or 3 rolls, you have the choice of over 25 different types of Sushi, plus about 30 other ancillary items. I understand the anti sushi buffet position, but this the real deal.

                    Of the 30 there for lunch, 28 were Asian. In addition, I have absolutely no connection to the restaurant or owners.

                2. re: mitchh

                  Yeah I would have to agree. I think Minado is still number one in my book. I ate here for lunch about a month or so ago and we got there around 2. Little did we know that they'd be closing until dinner. We got our first plates and then were told it was "last call" so to speak. We felt very rushed and overwhelmed. Was not relaxing at all. I would like to give them another try and go for lunch at an earlier time or even for dinner. The one thing they had over Minado was their fresh asparagus and green beans.

                  1. re: SushiFreak

                    I have been for a sunday dinner. While i think Minado is a bit better for the sushi, Noburu does offer a more eclectic array of choices. They have stone bowls that you have a cook finalize and they bring to your table. I'd suggest the shellfish with soft tofu. They offer shabu shabu station (that i will try next time). Its a buffet definately worth the price. I would say that they do not offer as many choices as Minado, but the choices they have are more diverse.

          2. i went to noboru for dinner last night. first off, it's kind of hard to find. we luckily just turned into this driveway right before the intersection of 309 & 202 and found it on the first try. my parents tried going over the weekend and gave up after looking around for 30 minutes.

            i don't know if i would say "noboru blew away minado". in fact, i thought they were pretty similar. i think there is less variety at noboru than minado. for example, there are more salad choices at minado, than at noboru.

            but noboru has korean food. they have bulgogi, spicy bulgogi, kalbi, and kimchi. there might be other korean items that i didn't see, but minado definitely doesn't have these dishes.

            also, you can get shabu shabu at noboru. i didn't get it, but i saw another table get it. i think they will bring out the hot bowl of broth, and at the buffet you can pick your dunking items (raw shrimp, raw meat, veggies).

            one last thing. noboru is large, but not as large as the minado in the norristown area. i'd say it's about 3/4th the size of that minado.

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            1. re: purplesachi

              If you know where Costco is located it's pretty easy to find.

            2. I've eaten here about 6 times everytime was good the service is very freindly. The sushi is very good. The place is huge inside.