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Dec 10, 2009 08:36 AM

Coney(s) in Dallas

I grew up in Tulsa where I enjoyed really good Conies (sp?) at a place called Coney Islander.

There they served those tiny continuously griddle-grilled dogs topped with a semi-sweet chili, shredded cheese, and onions.

These aren't your big fat chili dogs - these are smaller, and from what I understand very similar to actual cony island chili dogs. Also, the chili is very similar to Cincinnati chili.

I've seen similar setups in other cities - - but never anything in Dallas.

Does anyone know where I can go for something like this? I MISS THEM!

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  1. Not sure if "Wild About Harry's" will have exactly what you want but, he serves a really good dog-for Dallas.

    1. Is there any market for Detroit Coneys in the Dallas area? How far would you drive for a legitimate Detroit Coney?

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      1. re: tonysconeys

        Although I enjoy the occasional chili dog, which I assume what a Detroit Coney is, I much more enjoy the Chicago and New York style hot dogs.

        I wish there were more hot dog places in Dallas but other than Wild About Harry's, none of them last. Cities like Houston and Austin have a much better selection of hot dog places than Dallas. And no, I will not go to a hot dog place that requires you to sit at a table and order from a menu.

        Wild About Harry's
        4315 Travis St, Dallas, TX 75205

        1. re: Scagnetti

          there is a hot dog place in the Uptown Village in duncanville. I have yet to try it, but it has been packed the times i have gone by there. it is on the east side i believe

          1. re: Scagnetti

            Detroit coney chili stands alone... Order some from National Coney or Koegels and you will taste what I mean. Detroit dogs are basically the same as Chicago and New York... All three cities have hot dog manufacturers that adhere to laws governing their making... They are all good quality (not your off the shelf, plump when you cook them dogs) and can be had with natural casings for that great snap. Sabrett is a great NY dog... Vienna Beef is a great Chicago dog, and Koegel or Dearborn is a great Detroit dog... all have a different taste, but all A1 quality.
            As for what you put on it? Chicago, NY, Detroit all differ... I like them all, but Detroit coney sauce is my favorite... Flint makes a nice coney sauce, but I'll take Detroit.

          2. re: tonysconeys

            Oh man, having moved down here from Michigan, I would drive reasonably far for a Detroit Coney... especially if it was a naturally-cased one with that delicious snap to it.

            1. re: wingsluvr211

              I grew up downriver... been in Dallas for 17 years. I have since learned to make the real stuff myself... side by side comparison to National Coney is not exact, but it is close enough.

              I live up in Little Elm and there is a place called Mel's Coney up here... I checked it out on their grand opening... there I saw pictures of Lafayette and National coney on their walls... I thought I had struck gold!! ordered two all the way and a chili fry to go... Ended up with two crappy hot dogs topped with Hormel chili, chunks of onion on a dry bun. I was Soooo disappointed.

              Anyway.... if you can handle the cost, have Koegel or National coney ship you down some dogs and sauce... They go great with a Wings game. :-)

          3. there have been several coney places that have come and gone in Dallas over the years...and they all had one thing in common....they served bad hot dogs. The coney sauce was fine, but just a bland, non natural casing hot dog.

            1. The closest I have found so far down to the smaller dogs is Krystal burger, Arlington, Fort Worth and Burleson.

              1. One more that I have not tried is the Chili Dog at Freddy's but they use the Vienna hot dog with that good snap to the skin. There are 3 in the Dallas area.

                2820 State Hwy 121
                Euless, TX 76039

                Highland Village
                3040 Justin Road
                Highland Village, TX 75077

                2550 Preston Rd
                Frisco, TX 75034