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Dried Cherry Peppers

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Does anyone know where to find dried cherry peppers (they are usually sold on a string) in the Eastern Nassau, Western Suffolk area? They are an important part of our Feast of the Seven Fishes Christmas Eve meal and I cant find them anywhere!

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  1. Try Uncle Giuseppe's market, they have several locations ,smithtown on route 111,or 2330 hempstead turnpike in East Meadow or 364 port washington blvd in port washington or any A&S Pork store

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      http://johnsfarms.com/ John's cater's to the tastes of Italians during the hoiidays an early call to the store may be of help or visit still.

      1. re: scunge

        Thanks I have always found John's Farms a little intimidating .....especially the parking lot...but I guess I will have to be brave for mi familia.

        1. re: cherrypepper

          It's like negotiating Penn Station or Coney Island (years ago).A piece of cake .Although the fish consession gets real busy at the holidays.