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Dec 10, 2009 08:08 AM

ISO Columbia bakeries in Jackson Heights/Elmhurst area

Hello CH'ers,

We are going to a Columbian friend's for dinner tomorrow night and wanna bring something that reminds him of home. As an ex Elmhurst resident, my go-to place was always the bakery at the corner of Elmhurst Ave. and Broadway (can't never remember the name!), across from the park. Is it still as good as I remembered? Any place along Roosevelt that you would recommend?


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  1. Rico Pan on Woodside Ave between 58-59 Streets is traditional Colombian and very good. La Nueva on 37th Ave between 86-87 Streets is excellent (although not exclusively Colombian). You won't go wrong with either option.

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      Thanks burton, will let you know how it goes!

    2. There's a new Colombian bakery/eatery that replaced Fiesta Mexicana at 75th/Roosevelt that looks decent. I like Miracali bakery just down the street at 76th. If you're looking for pan de bono/almojabana, go to the bakery on 82nd that sells hot ones all day long. Cositas Ricas also has decent baked goods. Further in the high 80s there are more Colombian eateries with a baked goods section. I've had some decent buñelos from some of them. Seba Seba is a pretty reliable chain of Colombian bakeries around Queens. The closest one would be on 37th Ave. The name of the place in Elmhurst on Broadway/Elmhurst Ave is called La Gata Golosa, a small chain of eateries/bakeries. I find it OK, but admit I haven't been back there in years since I find I get what I need along Roosevelt.

      By the way, what kind of baked goods do you usually get at these Colombian bake shops?

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        E Eto, where is the pan de bono bakery on 82nd? North or south of Roosevelt? TIA.

      2. I like El Hornero at Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Ave. They make pastries and larger cakes.

        1. I've become attached to La Calenita at 40-06 83rd St. just south of Roosevelt, near Taqueria Tulcingo. I always go for the roscon de guayaba, a guava twist that is for the best supersized guava filled donut. I've been known to go seriously out of my way to get theirs.

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            Thanks all for your suggestions! I ended getting tres leches cake, bread pudding, bunoles, a caramel and coconut cake that's very similar to the bread pudding in texture, and a thing of little round pastries with guava filling from Rico Pan because of easy access. Unfortunately I couldn't remember all their names, but our friend's eyes lit up as soon as he saw those goodies. He said they were very authentic in taste and very similar to what he used to have in Columbia.

            @E Eto, the above items and rice pudding, a type of guava pastry that's very similar to apple turnover, but with guava paste inside are things I usually get. Also really like the chicken and beef empanadas from the bakery at the corner of Broadway and Elmhurst. The chicken is more like pulled chicken in a flaky puff pastry shell. Sometimes a bit dry but def. with a very nice hint of mole sauce. The beef is with green peas and potatoes in a cornmeal shell, the flavor is close to whatever they use in beef tacos. Also, their chicharrones and sweet plantains are very good quick snacks for the walk home.

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              just to make sure, you got the tres leches and all those pastres from La Calenita? I'm planning to do something very similar tomorrow and get a mixed box of sweet pastries; this place sounds good.

              actually if anyone has a rec for a place just as good, but closer to the 74th St / Roosevelt station, that would be better; I have to pick it up early in the morning so the closer to the E/F train the better.

              La Calenita
              4006 83rd St, Queens, NY 11373

              1. re: bigjeff

                I actually got all those items from Pan Rico (5813 Woodside Avenue, 718-429-7181), with is right around the corner from the 61st St. station in Woodside. The place is kinda small but the old lady behind the counter was very helpful.

                Woodside Cafe
                60-06 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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              Not looking to hijack this thread, but does anyone know where I can find GOOD Roscones de guayaba ? Just those with guava paste, no cheese or cream.

              Here's a pic -->

              1. re: Cheese Boy

                Once again I'll put in a word for Pan Rico on Woodside. Really enjoy their roscones de guayaba though I have no huge frame of reference. Also I recall no cheese or cream - just guava paste.