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Dec 10, 2009 07:55 AM

Looking for a good luch spot in the Framingham/Natick

need suggestions on a good, but casual, lunch spot in the route 9/framingham area for a lunch date! any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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  1. It would be helpful to know what type of food you like. Szechuan Gourmet is right there on Rt. 9 and is awesome if you like good Chinese. If you are looking for something more upscale, Sel del la Terre in the "Natick Collection" does a very nice job.

    1. Aegean on rte 30 (greek) - Joan & Ed's Deli in the Sherwood Plaza on rte 9 -british beer company on rte.9

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        I heartily second the recommendation for Aegean. It's such a great place for lunch and dinner. Excellent atmosphere / architecture. Good prices. Great food. Love the avgelemono soup, the free fresh baked bread and feta/olive oil appetizer, gyros, kebabs, etc... They are just missing a Mediterrean sea location!


        Oga, Sichuan Gourmet, Legal Seafoods and Sel de la Terre are also good. Paparazzi is also on Rt. 9. EO noodle is a very good Taiwanese restaurant. More upscale is Tomasso Trattoria in Southborough (rt 9).

      2. There's John Harvard's in Shopper's World. And a Legal Seafood across the street.

        1. sichuan gourmet (sichuan)
          uncle cheung's (shanghainese)
          red pepper (sichuan)

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              Another vote for Oga for excellent Japanese food and the atmosphere is casual and comfy, but it feels upscale.

              Aegean gets crazy loud - the acoustics in there are awful.