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Dec 10, 2009 07:19 AM

Good Dinner spot in Cobble Hill? (not too much $$$$)

Just need a good but cheap place to eat before going to the Cobble Hill Cinema.

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  1. Vinny's on Smith between Sacket and Union has good, cheap steam table italian and is not too far away. Great ziti, chicken parm etc.

    1. Olive Vine, across the street and a block south has pretty good middle eastern food, is BYOB and pretty cheap. Directly across the street from the theater, Osaka has decent sushi (typical prices for sushi). A few blocks south, Enoteca on Court has very good Neapolitan-style pizza that won't kill your wallet.

      1. Joya is pretty good, cheap thai, on court street. It's only a few blocks away.