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Dec 10, 2009 06:41 AM

Favorite restaurants in Wheaton

Seeking to find everyone's top picks for restaurants in Wheaton, MD -- especially interested in Chinese, Thai and Salvadoran favorites but open to other suggestions! (The Royal Mile is definitely tops on my list for more "pub-style" fare!)


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  1. Ruan Thai (duck salad)
    Nava Thai (tom khaa and Penang curry)
    Irene's Pupusas (pupusas)
    Full Key (congee)

    1. Lucia's (Super Italian sub and fresh baked bread)
      Marchone's (Italian Coldcut sub, good deli meats and cheeses)
      Max's (falafel and shawarma)
      Moby Dick (sushi in a small, friendly spot)

      1. El Pulgarcito.

        Max's for the falafel plate.


        1. Ruan Thai (green curry)
          Nava Thai (floating market noodle soup, panang curry, pad thai, son tum)
          Woomi Garden (Korean lunch buffet)
          Irene's Pupusas III (pupusas)

          1. Los Chorros on Blueridge for Salvadorean.
            I second (third?) Nava Thai and Ruan Thai for Thai and Max's for felafel and schwarma.
            And, though I haven't been there, New Kam Fong for Chinese seems to have a lot of recent buzz.