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Dec 10, 2009 06:13 AM

Where to buy bitter oranges?

Could someone tell me where I can buy bitter oranges. I live in Bergen county, but will travel.

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  1. Sometimes Whole Food carries Seville oranges. What are you using them for?

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    1. re: Maryld

      I was told to mix bitter orange with garlic and to drink everyday to lower blood pressure. I donot have high blood pressure, but the idea interested me and want to pass it on to others.

      1. re: doxy216

        Culinarily speaking, one of my biggest regrets was taking French in High School rather than Spanish. Forget ever being able converse with the majority of kitchen staff, and expect to waste a lot of time tracking down specialty Latin ingredients such as bitter oranges.

        I've had pretty good luck finding them at Twin Cities Supermarket in Elizabeth. In theory, any Latin grocer should carry them (especially if you're in the vicinity of a Cuban community), but... they tend to be seasonal. Even if you do find them at Twin Cities, the quality may not be great. I get the feeling that for the luxury of having them most/possibly all year round, Twin Cities pays the price in frequently having poor quality bitter oranges.

        Naranja agria (nah rangah ah gree ah- or something close to it- make sure you roll all the Rs) is Spanish for bitter orange. I called a lot of Latin grocers looking for naranja agria only to find out that it's also the name of a marinade produced by Goya that EVERYONE carries. If I were calling now, I'd put together some Spanglish like this: "naranja agria, no marinado- fresco"

        1. re: scott123

          And they're called "Seville oranges" at places like Whole Food.
          Goya markets a Mojo Criollo marinade which contains bitter oranges as well as marketing the juice itself separately. Pathmark-if you have one near you--carries a lot of these products.

          1. re: Maryld

            That's correct, Mojo Criollo is the name of the marinade. Naranja agria is the name of the bottled juice.

            Spanglish, take two:

            "naranja agria, no marinado, no embotellado, no jugo, fresco"
            (bitter orange, not a marinade, not bottled, not juice, fresh)

            1. re: scott123

              Scott, I've got a husband born in Cuba of Spanish descent so we know all about these things!

    2. They do sell sour oranges as well as marlnades and many hard to get food items

      1. Trader Joe's sold a bottled bitter orange juice last year.