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Individual Pieces of High-Quality Bar Glassware?

Where can I go for good-quality martini glasses, tumblers, highball glasses, and champagne flutes? I'm looking to buy individual glasses (or packs of 2 at most), which may make this a bit more difficult. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Online - get the Reidel Vinum martini glasses - they are worth every penny (best price I know of is $40 for two on amazon) - they are just the right size, perfectly balanced and nice to look at - they break quite easily, however (two of ours gone in the past year - and we will replace them with same again...).

    Otherwise, I think Sur La Table (chestnut hill) has nice bar glasses by the piece - very happy with our crystal (and DW safe, unlike the martini glasses) double old-fashioned glasses from there - very solid quality, moderate to slightly high prices.

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      Thanks! This is a big help. I may take a run over to CH next week.

    2. Also Boston Shaker in Davis Sq.

      1. The Boston Shaker still hasn't opened their new storefront in Davis Square (should be any day now, I hope), but they have glassware for sale online: http://thebostonshaker.com/_catalog_5...

        1. You could try Didriks in Cambridge, (near Concord and Huron Aves)

          Or Koo de Kir on Charles St in Beacon Hill

          1. Not as stylish as some but if you like your drinks to stay cold, you might also check out the double walled glassware by BOdum, available at Tag's in Porter Square, Sur la Table, online, etc. I especially like their champagne glass http://www.amazon.com/Bodum-Manhattan...

            1. My favorite is Reidel vinum, which as someone else mentioned is available by the glass at Sur la Table. But for something less expensive I also like a lot of Crate and Barrel's stemware (all available by the single stem). Just be aware that they discontinue styles (even really basic ones) quite frequently, so if you break something 3-4 years from now, you'll possibly be out of luck.

              1. Haven't been there in a while, but try China Fair in Newton.
                China Fair Inc.
                70 Needham St
                Newton MA. 02461
                Office Hours 9am-5pm EST Monday-Saturday
                We are Open Sunday 12pm-5pm

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                  Thanks! There's a China Fair in Cambridge, too, isn't there?

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                    Yes, here's that store's info. I think I've only been to the Newton location.

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                      Oops...it's helps to paste the info you copied.

                      Cambridge: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 12pm-5pm(617)864-3050

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                        Thank you! And thanks to everyone who posted answers! Definitely a lot of options now. :-)

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                          while i like china fair for many things, their glassware selection is pretty industrial.

                          bed bath & beyond offers some good value too, but i agree with mcslim about vintage stores and flea markets. way cooler stuff. glasses also tend to be smaller than all of today's super-sized items which i appreciate. (don't quite hold my martini's like i used to, lol...)

                  2. Personally I think you can't go wrong with Crate & Barrel for barware.

                    1. If you're looking for sturdiness over elegance, Eastern Bakers Supply has solid wares. A case of multi-purpose wine glasses from there is a good gift for young people who like to entertain.

                      I agree on Crate & Barrel, a good compromise between looks and cost. That's where I buy my wine glasses.

                      My guests and I are a little too rough on the goods to use Riedel: $20 and up per stem hurts too much when they inevitably break.

                      These days I'm drinking out of vintage bar glasses that I pick up at flea markets, antique stores, and thrift stores. Cheaper than new, they go in the dishwasher, I don't cry if I break one, and they look better than a lot of modern alternatives.

                      Consider coupes instead of the cliched triangular cocktail glass. Take a look at what William Powell sips his cocktails from. They're more historically accurate if you're drinking the classics: the conical stemmed glass didn't come into vogue until the Fifties.


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                        My house stemware is from Spiegelau -- elegant and classic, at approx. or less than $10/each (may not be available individually though, depending on the glass. I just checked wineenthusiast.com and they have glasses in sets of 3-6 depending on the style.) As good as Riedel for me, but cheaper. I also like Crate and Barrel for most of their glasses too.

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                          Crate & Barrel actually has some good stuff cheap. If you want even cheaper, making a trip to one of their outlet stores such as in Kittery, Maine, is worth it -- rocks, cordial, and Collins glasses for $2. Also in Kittery is a Villeroy and Boch outlet and a Waterford one, both sell individual pieces -- rather stunning glassware although on the other end of the price spectrum from Crate & Barrel.

                          The Boston Shaker, soon to re-open in Davis Square, has a wide assortment of glassware including coupe glasses.