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Dec 10, 2009 05:32 AM

Antoine's - new bakery

strolling home on Royal i noticed Antoine's is doing a complete renovation to a space, the window says "Antoine's Bakery: French Pastries". anybody know the scoop!?

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  1. I think they are doing soemthing along the lines of a casual restaurant serving light lunches, coffee, pastries and other dishes.

    1. Was that the one kibbles that said "Antoine's Annex" in the window? I can remember strolling past something while I was in the FQ, it looked like a pastry shop, but the GF and I didn't stop in to investigate.

      1. They do not have their own pastries, baked goods as of yet. They do plan to make their own in the future. Pastries are good but a bit pricey, especially considering that Croissant D'Or is down the street with better prices and superior product. But if you have to choose between Antoine's Annex and Cafe Beignet, then the choice is clearly Antoine's.

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          I agree. It's not a real bakery and they charge over double as D'or, which is much better.

          Plus it's completely sterile. Pity they drywalled over the brick-between-post interior walls.