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Dec 10, 2009 05:02 AM

Four entrees at Le Marais

I'm hosting a birthday party / family reunion for 20-25 people which requires pre-selecting a menu of 5 entrees. One of those will be the steak au poivre. Any suggestions for the other four? While we're at it, any recs for appetizers?

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  1. I like the hanger steak- for some it might be salty- but I love the flavor and texture of the steak.

    My mother in law like their roast chicken dish. You should also consider adding a fish option in case someone at the party doesn't eat or doesn't want meat.

    Appetizers- beef jerky for sure. The pate is good too, but it's something that you either love or hate. The tomato salad was awful- definitely don't get that.

    1. They had a sweetbreads dish, I believe dusted with porcini powder, which was very tasty. I'm talking years ago, since I haven't been to NY, or even out to eat, in years. But when I used to go, I would order sweetbreads wherever they had them, as a test of a restaurant's abilities, and Le Marais' never disappointed.

      1. They use to have an empanada appetizer that was excellent - and I second anything with their beef jerky - it is the best that I have eaten -

        1. I'd also suggest the tournedos for for the entree. That, the steak au poivre, the hanger steak, and two others...maybe a ribeye (pretty much standard) and something like a chicken dish? Or I suppose substitute fish for something in there.

          As others have suggested, their beef jerky is quite good.

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            I also really like the Tournedos-I always order them every time I am there.

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              When pre-ordering selections for a large party, you are best to avoid anything that will suffer from being cooked in advance and held in a warmer. For example, chicken could dry out under this kind of treatment, becoming the proverbial awards banquet rubber chicken, but even steak doesn't hold up that well. I would grill them about this.

          2. Thank you all for the suggestions. I guess they changed the menu recently because the empanadas, beef jerky, and sweetbreads were off the menu. I personally started with spicy moroccan chili and then had the hanger steak. I really enjoyed the chili. I thought the steak was a little over-cooked, I ordered it medium-rare and it came out medium, but it was still flavorful. The pate also got good reviews. For the most part, everyone enjoyed their food and the evening, although there was a complaint that the puree lentil soup wasn't thick and was a little bland.

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              I was there last week. They still have the beef jerky, even though it's not on the menu, you just have to ask for it. Thanks for reviewing the lentil soup.. we were thinking about it... but then decided not to get it.