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Dec 9, 2009 11:35 PM

New Years Eve in Fairfield County


First time on Chowhound, looking for some help.

My girlfriend is coming to visit for the holidays and I need to find somewhere nice in the Fairfield county area to go for New Years Eve. The only problem is that it cannot be outrageously expensive but it has to be relatively formal. I am a recent college grad so I don't have a ton of money but I'm willing to spend about $200. Other than that I am open to suggestions. Please help!

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    1. Can you be more specific?
      What town(s) are you interested.
      Fairfield County is a mighty big place, with lots of options.
      Narrow it down.
      Are you just seeking dinner suggestions - or dinner/dancing?

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      1. re: GatorMan

        I'm from Norwalk, so anywhere between Greenwich and Westport. Dinner/Dancing would be nice, but I dancing is not a necessary.

        1. re: tirpacdi

          Not sure of the prices, but the Melting Pot in Darien is a great, quasi-intimate choice and so much fun! Great atmosphere, unique dining and awesome fondue!

          1. re: GatorMan

            Melting Pot is biggest rip off in dining history. You'll drop $100+ (without beer/wine) for a poor quality food product that you have to "cook" yourself. Avoid at all costs.

      2. Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton is having a new years dinner...just got info....the food there is excellent, the ambiance is very nice, charming, upscale, but not jacket and tie formal.

        Here is info from e-mail I received:
        This New Years Eve the Schoolhouse Restaurant in Wilton, Ct. will be offering a special dinner to ring in 2010. Chef Tim LaBant and his staff will create an exciting four course dinner with wine pairings and a champagne toast offered for $95.00, excluding tax and gratuity. The four courses are also priced at $65.00 without wine. We will have two seatings available. The first will begin at 6:00PM., and the second at 8:00PM. Please call for reservations at 1-203-834-9816, or visit our website at

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        1. re: sibeats

          I will be at the Schoolhouse this year. We spend new years there two years ago and it was lovely. not a raging party, but great food and a nice way to spend the evening.

        2. There is a well-known and very popular restaurant in downtown Stamford in the Marriott Courtyard hotel that unfortunately we're not allowed to discuss here on Chowhound. We've done their New Year's Eve meal a couple of times now and recommend it. It's formal enough, but comfortable enough, and certainly you wouldn't be the only young couple in the restaurant.

          They do late seatings, so you can dine until midnight and ring in the New Year with the other patrons.

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          1. re: Zobot

            Napa &co rocks! had dinner there the other day and it was great.The new chef is great.

            1. re: mrporkbelly

              We had a very good dinner there a few weeks ago as well. I noticed on the website they have a special menu for NY's Eve in the works, but no info as of yet.

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