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Dec 9, 2009 11:11 PM

Looking for A Great Sunday Brunch in the San Fernando Valley

A very dear friend of mine is looking for a really cool place for her and two friends to have a Sunday brunch. These 26 year old ladies are fun-loving, hip, and as "with it" as you can possibly get. It has to be in the San Fernando Valley and cost no more than $20.00 per person. I've told her that Chowhounds has never failed me, so she's challenging me to prove it. HELP!!!!!

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  1. Is the Getty Center close enough? Or are you looking for a "BUFFET" brunch?

    1. I don't know the exact price but I thin it comes within the budget you are looking for. The Smokehouse in Toluca Lake puts on a darn good buffet for the money (they even have menudo), This is not exactly going to put your top flight restaurants or hotels out of business, but it is in a nice neighborhood, lots of old time ambience and an enjoyable meal.

      Smoke House Restaurant
      4420 W Lakeside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505