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Dec 9, 2009 09:38 PM

Best Thai in Albany PLEASE!!!!

Snow or no snow I've GOT to get some really good Thai food soon or who knows what will break loose.
What I love - Duck in red curry, tod mun, pad thai, any great fresh spicy seafood dish
Not fancy and expensive because that's never been what's it's about.
Thanks in advance and
Happy Holidays!

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  1. The only Thai food I've had in the Capital Region was at a place on Lark Street and it was okay. I was at Yono's for a dinner earlier this week and someone mentioned the Thai restaurant on Central Avenue (apologies, I don't remember the name). This long thread mentions Thai:

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    1. re: financialdistrictresident

      Blue Spice, without a doubt! Sushi Thai is about as inauthentic as you can get.

      1. re: gerchak198

        I've been to Thailand several times and didn't find Sushi Thai that Westernized . . .

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          edit: post should read Sushi Thai Garden, NOT Sushi Thai.

    2. If you do a search of this Board by Thai and Albany these restaurants come up:

      1. Capital Thai, Central Ave.
      2. Noi's Sushi & Thai Food, Central Ave.
      3. Sukhothai, Lark Street

      I also remembered Sushi Thai Garden on Phila in Saratoga Springs which was quite good the last time I went.

      For what it's worth, Metroland rated Capital Thai best in 2009:

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      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Noi's is long gone. Capital Thai or Blue Spice are your best bets.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          The yelp perspective on Capital Thai (only looks like a few 2009 comments) and a dated chowhound thread re: Capital Thai:

        2. Had an errand in Albany yesterday and decided to check out The Blue Spice instead of Phoenician's (Lebanese) for lunch. The Blue Spice markets itself as a "modern gourmet Thai restaurant." Service was very good. Now on to the food. We had:

          Thai iced teas - very good

          Blue Spice Noodles - I had a taste, very fresh

          Masaman Curry - menu had beef, they kindly made the dish with chicken for me. The dish had a side salad on the same plate with the curry for a more gourmet presentation. I'm used to this dish with peanuts and it was served with cashews. Another modern gourmet touch.

          Tom Kha (chicken, galanga, coconut milk) and Tom Yum soups were not on the lunch menu. Maybe they are available if you ask.

          Our lunch came with a tofu soup. The tofu and cilantro were the best parts of the soup. The soup was very salty and tasted like boullion. Our server asked about the soup (SO finished his and I didn't). She asked me if I wanted something else instead. As mentioned previously, service is very good at The Blue Spice.

          The Blue Spice has more ambience than Sukhothai on Lark.

          We will go to Phoenicians the next time we are in the area.

          1. cowgirlinthesand, so where did you end up? How was it?

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            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Thank you so much for your recommendations and opinions! My work schedule is nuts until after the holidays (and I live in the Berkshires so it's more than a 10 minute drive).
              I'm printing this and keeping it in my car and plan get eating in January.
              Happy Holidays!

              1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                cowgirlinthesand, January's almost over . . .

                Any reports?

            2. I've had some difficulty finding decent Thai food since I moved out from San Francisco. This seems to be a common lament, and I don't understand why a better restaurant than Capitol Thai or Sukhothai hasn't opened in the region. Please let me know if you find better options. :)

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              1. re: caravan70

                caravan70, probably because the population won't support more . . .You haven't heard "smallAlbany" yet? The food choices in Saratoga Springs and Albany are a big improvement from when I grew up in the Capital District. There was a cover story in Metroland about a year ago where the writers discussed all the cuisine choices here . . .just not a lot of restaurants for each cuisine.

                You won't find the sushi and Asian choices, fine dining you had in SF here. There's also a Thai place in Schenectady (haven't been) and 2 in Clifton Park (just okay). When we want Korean we usually go to Little Korea in the city or the Korean restaurants near the GW Bridge.

                There's a good Asian market on Central Avenue.

                You might want to try Phila Fusion in Saratoga Springs (not too far from Albany) if you haven't already.

                The Capital Region is at the center of everything - only a few hours from NYC, Montreal and Boston when you need a big city food fix.

                1. re: caravan70

                  I tried Blue Spice's new location in Clifton Park (near Hannaford & Superior Cleaners) for lunch recently. It's a large space. Service is very friendly. They even offered to make me a lunch size portion of spicy basil with chicken. I also had pad thai.

                  It's nice to have more dining options in CP. That said, I have yet to find Thai food here I really like. Best I've had is Sushi Thai Garden at the Saratoga location. Have not tried Capital Thai yet . . .

                  1. re: financialdistrictresident

                    FDR, do you have a preference between Sushi Thai Garden and Sushi Thai at the Park? Do you find a noticeable difference?

                    Sukhothai also operates two separate locations in Albany. I wonder if there is a noticeable difference between those two.

                    Bangkok Bistro and Martini Bar in Schenectady is also rebuilding and close to opening a second location in the original Colonie Blue Spice on Central Av.

                    That said, between Saratoga (2), Clifton Park (2), Schenectady (1), Troy (1), Delmar (1), Colonie (2) and Albany (4) there are now 13 restaurants serving Thai food.

                    Sushi Thai Garden
                    44 Phila St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

                    62 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12206

                    Blue Spice
                    19 Clifton Country Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

                    1. re: Roger K

                      I liked Sushi Thai Garden in Saratoga better.

                      Capital Thai is supposed to be the best of the lot but I haven't tried it yet.

                      I don't think the Asian food here compares to SF. Though the duck at the Asian market on Central Ave. comes pretty close to Kamman in Chinatown . . .

                  2. re: caravan70

                    Caravan70, in my reply to FDR, I've pointed out between Saratoga (2), Clifton Park (2), Schenectady (1), Troy (1), Delmar (1), Colonie (2) and Albany (4) there are now 13 restaurants serving Thai food. Have you tried one yet that you prefer?