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Dec 9, 2009 09:01 PM

Perbacco for dinner...any favorites for apps/pasta/entree?

Heading to Perbacco for the first time in a couple of days. Anything folks have really enjoyed or dishes that have underwhelmed? Thanks!

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  1. I would suggest you try the agnolotti dal plin. It's my favorite and many people rave about it. In general, the pasta dishes are very interesting and since you have the option to order them in appetizer size as well as full size, you can try a bunch of different ones. Most of the stuff on their menu is really good, though, so it's hard to go wrong.

    1. The braised meat sauces/ragu/sugo on the house-made pastas are very good. Don't forget to try the breadsticks!

      Looking at a current menu, there is VERY little there I would not be happy to order:

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        thanks - these are helpful. I've heard about the agnolotti. I've read somewhere that the cured meats are a must try...any experience with those before i shell out $20 on a cold-cut appetizer? slightly tongue in cheek...

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          With so much good salumi/cured meats available from delis & gourmet shops to bring home in the Bay Area, I am usually reluctant to order them in a restaurant. When dining out, I prefer to order things I am not likely to cook or eat at home. That being said, the cured meats at Perbacco are supposed to be very good.

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            The salumi are excellent.

            Any braised meat will likely be fabulous.

        2. The salumi are very good.

          Tasting Table reported this special menu.

          Monday, 12/15 through Wednesday, 12/24
          Dinner Nightly
          Heads Up!
          Gnocchi with nettles and truffled fondue, slow-roasted goose with chestnuts, rum-soaked panettone: Staffan Terje of Perbacco nods his head in the direction of Turin, the capital of Piedmont, for a special dinner ($45 for four courses; dishes also served à la carte) this month. Perbacco, 230 California St. (at Front St.); 415-955-0663 or

          1. I eat at Perbacco a fair amount, close to the office and a good place to take visitors. I don't think I've had a single miss, which is pretty impressive. The dishes are simple, in a good way.

            I usually have their fruit + arugula + cheese salad to start. The fruit and cheese change up, I see on the menu posted it's pears and pecorino. Sounds great to my ears. Other good dishes I remember are crudo, beet salad, fritto misto. Looking at the menu now, I would be inclined to go for the slow cooked tripe, good cold weather food.

            For pasta, I think I've tried them all, and I'll put in another vote for the braised meats, specifically the pork sugo and the short rib ragu.

            For mains, I've never had anything truly outstanding or memorable (hence my inability to recall), but still very good. Looking at the menu right now, I've had the short rib, duck two ways, sea scallops, maybe some of the others. Like I said, tasty, nothing mind blowing. I'd be into checking out the sausage and black pudding.

            For dessert, I really remember an excellent pistachio cake. If that's there, get it. I also remember a similar cherry cake.

            Have fun, I really like this restaurant.