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Dec 9, 2009 07:54 PM

Sunday Brunch

My family is visiting to see the Boston Pops. Staying at Westin Copley.

Any suggestions for Sunday breakfast? Don't want to do the buffet hotel thaang. Don't even say Cheesecake Factory! Anything close that jumps out. Although I would like to keep it as close as possible, any southend thoughts? How's pajama brunch these days.

All thoughts are welcome

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  1. in copley...sel de la terre or mistral. in the southend...aquitaine and toro are my favorite brunch spots. not a fan of tremont 647.

    1. The brunch at Craigie on Main is soooo good it would be worth the taxi ride in my view.

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      1. In the South End, I like Tremont 647 and Aquitaine for brunch.

        1. My friend and I are going to Union Bar & Grille in S. End on Saturday. They're owned by the same people as Aquitaine. I've heard their brunch is good. I love Union anyhow for dinner!

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            I unfortunately had a very bad Brunch at Union 2 weeks ago. I had a Goat Cheese and Crab Meat Omlet that was basically tasteless (could hardly taste the cheese) and half the order of Bacon and Home fries were burnt.

            I like you LOVE Union for dinner and go quite often, so it made the Brunch experience that much more disappointing. Hopefully it was an aberration.

          2. What time are you looking for? Brasserie Jo is pretty good and opens at 7. Both Metropolis and Columbus Cafe open at 9 and serve a decent breakfast. Pops used to open later, but their website says they open at 9 now. Stella, Union, Aquitane, The Buttery and Masa all start around 10, I believe, and Tremont 647 starts at 10:30. You could also head over to Newbury St. for brunch at Bouchee, which opens at 9.

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