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Dec 9, 2009 07:54 PM

Foodie things to buy in Hong Kong?

I am going to Hong Kong next week and want to bring back some small batch soy sauce and other goodies. Can people recommend a good food shopping market in Hong Kong and particular food things to seek out to bring home? I am interested in high quality small batch things that you can’t find in the states. Kowloon Soy sauce is already on my list.

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  1. I think you'd do better in the China section.

    1. In North American/European food markets, there are stalls that specializes in olive oil, cheese, etc. In HK food markets, the stalls are all fishmongers, butchers, produce grocers. The concept is just different. I would still suggest that you go to an outdoor food market because it is a very unique experience. There is one in Wan Chai.

      I would also suggest that you go to the grocery stores. There will be lots of products that you won't find in California. The nicer ones would be CitySuper (in Pacific Place or Time Square), or the ones inside Japanese department stores. But, be aware that people in HK likes to buy Japanese and western products.

      In terms of local specialty, one place you must go is Yiu Fung in Causeway Bay. Here is a link to a picture and brief description:
      This place has been there forever and everything there is great. There are local chain stores that sell similar products but Yiu Fung is the best there is. You can get them to package the products in gift size packages.

      Other things you may want to look for would be 'wife cake' from Yuen Long. Or, if you plan to go to Macau, there are lots of good peanut candy, and almond cake, etc. See this page:

      Jerky is also very good in HK but I don't think you can bring that back to the States.

      1. Kind of obvious, but if you like teas...there is a wide variety available in HK. Also, I always bring back snack foods and candies from Asia. Lots of interesting variety.

        1. 味皇 (Wei Huang in Chinese) at 184 Hennessy in Wan Chai (they may have other locations, but I only knew this one) has deep fried fish skin that are packaged in store and was about $2 a bag. They are like fish bacon to me, and more addictive than potato chips. Last year there were some that are mass produced and sold in grocery stores, but none beats fresh.

          1. sea cucumbers (dried)