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Dec 9, 2009 07:41 PM

煎饼果子 (Jian bing guo zi) in T.O.?

Anyone know where to get 煎饼果子 (jian bing guo zi), a kind of Beijing street food, in Toronto (preferably like Spadina/China town area)?

I've been looking around for it and haven't managed to find it anywhere.


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  1. Without an established street food culture here in the GTA (beyond hotdogs and the experimental carts), the only way you'd find jian bing is likely in a northern Chinese/mainland restaurant that offers Chinese breakfast foods. I hope someone has a more satisfactory answer for you. I didn't try this breakfast item while in China a few years ago, and would love to find it here in Toronto. After watching a couple of YouTube videos, it looks very yummy and I'd love to sample one fresh from the griddle.

    1. i think i've seen this in a couple grocery stores but haven't tried them on each occasion, i just wasn't quite in the mood. this is based on a quick google, but what i saw was a crepe griddle and an egg concoction being cooked on top. sometimes the fried dough sticks were put in the centre and wrapped or something else was or it was just all folded up with a bunch of sauces spread on it.

      one store is definitely this one... that i don't recall the name of:

      and another was in RH/Markham area in one of those plaza places... which i know is terribly vague. the grocery store was inside at an end and the person was making it just outside in the hallway area. just outside of the doors that flanked the left side of the store is part of the exterior plaza section that jutted out into a small u-shape with a reputable bbq meats place just to the left of the grocery store. it is very long and narrow... and of course this is still vague. i'll contact my mom to see if she can give me a name if not at least an intersection.

      lastly.. and this could entirely be imagined... but i thought i saw a simliar set-up in the dragon city mall entrance/lobby on spadina. they usually have the waffle eggs but i felt like i saw the egg pancake but that also would have been at least a couple months ago and i'm not sure if they've changed it up.

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        finch and leslie! for the second place i mentioned. just out front of the sunny mart.

      2. I ate this almost every morning for a year when I lived in Shanghai. This street food is, without a doubt, my favourite part of staying in China.

        I have seen it being made in two places in Toronto. Once was outside the Sunny Supermarket (leslie/Finch) and once being made inside the supermarket in the plaza where Honey/Garlic is in Markham. Its on denison, just north of Pacific Mall.

        Unfortunately, I don't believe it is a staple because its not always there. My suggestion would be to try the Sunny Supermarket location on Sat or Sun around noon when its busiest.

        Or if you go to either place, ask a few of the staff when they will be back or for their contact information. Who knows, maybe it was the same woman I saw making the rounds!

        I've always thought that a cart making this, dubbed Egg McMao's, would be a huge success in downtown Toronto.

        1. There is a restaurant out in Scarborough that tailors to street food in Mainland I believe.
          In addition to the Crepe you mentioned, they also serve noodles and some appetizer salads.

          I have only been there 2-3 years ago once, but I have reliable sources indicating its crepes are still on the menu. Personally their stuff is not to my liking - ubiquitous use of MSG and not enough fresh ingredients. Their angle on things is good though, plenty of clientele coming to get their fix on homeland comfort food for cheap.

          Yuan Restaurant
          25 Glen Watford Drive,
          Scarborough, ON M1S 2B7

          1. Are these still around in 2012? Just had a craving for one of these and looked it up on the Chowhound, first thread I saw...