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Everything New Year 2009

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Here are some lists about special New Year’s Eve dinners and New Year’s Day brunch/dinners in the Bay Area. .

Restaurants will be added so keep checking lists. This should be helpful for next year when people start asking in July where they should go for New Year.


Here’s how price was evaluated

$ Under 50
$$ 50 – 99
$$$ 100 – 199
$$$$ 200 and over

New Year’s Eve 2009 – East Bay

New Year’s Eve 2009 – North Bay excluding Wine Country

New Year's Eve 2009 - Wine Country

New Year’s Eve 2009 – Peninsula

New Year’s Eve 2009 – San Francisco

New Year’s Eve 2009 – San Francisco Part 2

New Year’s Eve 2009 – San Francisco Part 3

New Year’s Eve 2009 – South Bay

Not on the list is the special children’s party at the Ritz-Carleton Half Moon Bay - Ritz Kids New Year’s Eve Party

Price rating applies to the least expensive dining option. Later dinner and party reservations may be significantly more.

For Budet-istas …

Almost every restaurant is open. So restaurants offering their regular menu might be the least costly option. Call your favorite to check hours

There are a number of venues at high profile restaurants where a small cover will gain entry to music and festivities.

Zero dollars … ZERO

The Ritz-Carleton, Half Moon Bay The Conservatory Lounge
New Year’s Eve Celebration in the lounge and bar area, complete with a DJ, live music and midnight balloon drop. There is no charge for this celebration, which is available on a first come-first served basis.


Carnelian Room
Dance Party: In the Pacific Belvedere Room, dancing with DJ Quantum and cocktails Limited Seating; Reservations Required.


SF The Ritz-Carlton Lobby Lounge

A la carte cocktail menu is complemented by dancing to a live band from 9 p.m.

NEW YEAR’S DAY - There is a morning after

$ Under 30
$$ 30 – 49
$$$ 50 – 69
$$$$ 70 and over

New Year’s Day 2010 – San Francisco

New Year’s Day 2010 – Bay Area excluding San Francisco

Unfortunately because lists doesn’t format, though there are links to New Year menus, you will need to cut and paste them into your browser. There is another ‘charming ‘ glich. Sometimes refresh needs to be used to see all list items. Check numbers to see if they are all there …1,2,3,4,etc … not 1, 5,6, 10.

Hope people who go out will post abut it.

Happy 2010

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  1. Just saw this on opentable

    Commis (Oakland)
    Early seating: 3-course menu with beverage pairing ($100/guest). Late seating: 4-course menu with beverage pairing, midnight toast & celebration ($150/guest).

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      As always, thank you for a great compilation!

      1. re: rworange

        Btw, in regards to Commis, you definitely won't be getting second line chef's as they don't exist. Commis is only open five days a week and only for dinner so only a single set of folks is required to staff the restaurant.

      2. Bumping to maybe give some help for the tragically unprepared

        Also, a few additional lists that were added

        New Year’s Eve 2009 – East Bay Part 2

        New Year’s Eve 2009 – San Francisco Part 4

        Opentable is probably the best place place to check, but the lists have links to restaurant menus if any.