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Glendale Area - Good Burger Joint Needed

Hey All.

My folks are coming into town for the holidays and after their day long flight, all they want to do is relax and grab a burger. Shortly thereafter we'll be heading over to the Americana for a picture with their granddaughter and Santa.

So, I'm looking for a good table service joint that isn't a madhouse but is clean (and no dives please - at least for them).



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    1. The oinkster is fun! In eagle rock, just a few minutes from glendale...

      1. If you're going to be at the Americana, why not just go to the Cheesecake Factory? They might be a chain, but their Factory Burger is one of the 2 best in town - the other being Arnie Morton's lunch burger. If they're coming into LAX or Burbank Airports, the Daily Grill has terrific burgers. Or if it's Burbank Airport, head north on Hollywood Way to the Ramp - #3 on my list of best in L.A.

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          Cheesecake Factory? Nah. Not really what we're looking for. My folks can get that generic kind of meal in Florida. But thanks.

        2. The York? Their cheddar burger is delicious.

          1. Jax Bar & Grill is just a few blocks up from the Americana if you don't mind paying $12 for a burger. In & Out is right there at the Americana, and Granville Cafe there has good burgers.

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              I was a long time fan of Jax, but I think they've got precipitously downhill. Have you been there lately? (I have not, I wrote them off about three years ago.)

            2. The cheeseburger at Clancy's on Central Ave is one of the little-known gems in the burger world... fantastic!! There's In-N-Out Burger on Brand Blvd just north of the Americana. Rally's (it's fast food but it's an option) at the corner of Brand Blvd and San Fernando Rd.

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                I'll have to second Clancy's. It's an oustanding burger. And the atmosphere meets the OP's requirement.

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                  Never been to Clancy's. It's on my to try list.

                2. Take a pass on Cheesecake. I was just there today- at the Americana. Greasy table, greasy menus and really slow service. And, I wasn't impressed with the way my friends' factory burger looked. He said it was a bit dry as well. How about Granville Cafe. http://www.granvillecafe.com It's right there at Brand and Americana. Free parking for 2 hours! - 4 if you go to the movie. After, you can walk over to Crumbs and grab a cupcake. The Red Velvet looked good.
                  BTW - I was there into the early eve and it's quite nice to walk around with the holiday decor, trolley and water fountain.

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                    Granville's great. We've taken them to the Burbank location many times before. Was just trying to find something new.

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                      I tried.......I don't eat burgers but, I liked the proximity of Granville to the Americana. The cupcakes from Crumbs were yummy too.

                  2. I don't think you can find a better burger in or around Glendale than the one at Damon's. The surroundings are comfortable and table service is good.


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                    1. Try Fork Bistro in montrose - it's just north of glendale and they've got a great burger (with tomato jam - yum!)

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                        Looks interesting but it's just too far away and not really the burger joint I was hoping for. Will have tot try it though....

                      2. There is a branch of The Counter in Pasadena now.

                        1. Granville Cafe at The Americana has very good burgers, agreed. It seems to fit the description of the type of place you are looking for.

                          1. You might consider Harry's (24 hour) Family Restaurant, on San Fernando just north of Burbank in Burbank, a block north of IKEA. Must say that although I am now officially pushing seventy, I am among the younger patrons there most days, but a lot of the kids I hang with send their friends there too. Tuna melt and patty melt both huge and glorious, regular burger quite adequate, all other items (except for the inexplicably vile mashed potatoes) very nice as well.

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                              Harry's is one of the unheralded coffee shop treasures in town (as is the Astro in Silverlake). There's also a great grilled chicken salad at Harry's.