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Dec 9, 2009 06:22 PM

Midnight at BWI

So instead of heading out west for the holidays, folks are coming out here. Of course, I've got one pickup at 11:30pm and another three at 1am. Living an hour away from BWI, it isn't worth going home. I figure going to get something to eat would be better than any other option.

Of course, I am having trouble finding anything other than IHOP/Dennys/Silver Diner. Is there something that I'm missing?

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  1. There's a Double T Diner at the intersection of Mountain Road and Route 2, right off of 100 that's about 15 minutes from BWI. They are open 24 hours. HoneyBee diner is also in the Glen Burnie area, but I'm not certain whether they are open 24/7.

    There was a thread about late-night eats near BWI about a year back, give it a search. There may be a few other recs that escape me at the moment.

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      Double T? Without heading to a website, I'm guessing they are related to the folks in Frederick. If so, the matzoball soup is quite nice and would be a nice option for a post full day of flying meal.

      I tried searching, but I must not be using the right keywords - the best I can find are ideas for food in the district aftr a late BWI arrival and late night between BWI and Richmond.

      1. not sure what time it closes but there is a Bill Batemans in the airport. I have had the pulled pork sandwich which was excellent along with extra barbeque sauce which is also excellent. also, washing it down with a large draft blue moon with a slice of orange or perhaps 2 blue moons brings it all together. pretty pretty pretty good especially considering you are in an airport. check the times