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Dec 9, 2009 06:07 PM

Top Chef - Las Vegas - Finale Part 2 - 12/09/09 (Spoilers)

(Have to say it was still a bit heartbreaking to see Jennifer so sad at her ousting at the end of last week's episode!)

OK, here we go! They arrive at Meritage Winery - they must cook a three course meal.

1st course - a box of identical greens and each green must be used
2nd course - cook anything they wish with anything in the kitchen
3rd course - they MUST do a dessert - rut-roh!

Meals are to be served at Cyrus. AND they get sous chefs - EVERYONE who was on this season! They get to pick two sous - one to prep today, one to help tomorrow. Knife picks...

Kevin - Preeti and Ash
Michael - Jesse and Eli
Bryan - Jennifer and Ashley

Interesting mix - I'm thinking Kevin got the worst of the lot on his knife picks. I think Bryan got the best picks.

Was that Michael who warned Kevin about his sauce? Very nice! That's why I like this group the best out of all 6 seasons - they still seem to watch out for each other, even in competition.

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  1. Agreed on the picks.

    1. Poor Kevin - his picks may end up hurting him. How lucky is Bryan to get Jennifer? I can't wait to see it all, but I don't want it to end!

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      1. re: elfcook

        'Top Chef: Las Vegas': Fan favorite is...
        Kevin "The Beard/Yukon Cornelius" Gillespie, of course! He didn't win Top Chef, but the title of Fan Favorite (and the $10,000 check that comes with it) is a nice consolation prize. And Bryan got a Corvette from his mom, so looks like all of the top three won in their own little ways.

        Thanks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Food and More blog for letting us know. And boo on Bravo for not having any mention of this on their Web site when I checked a few minutes ago.

        This victory is redemption for all of us Team Yukon loyalists out there. What do you think of the winner? Did Kevin (or perhaps just his beard) deserve this honor?

        1. re: junescook

          Whooa, Have you guys heard that Kevin just signed with a literary agent (Lisa Ekus)?? Which means he is probably working on a cookbook?? AWESOME!! So excited to see where that goes..

      2. Kevin got screwed on his knife picks. For me this cheapens the entire competition as Kevin could lose based on who he randomly chose out of the block. My wife is absolutely ticked.

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        1. re: samlev

          Yeah, I'm kind of disappointed that they brought back ALL of the chefs - the last 6 voted off should be there, not everyone. The luck of the draw on Kevin's knife picks really puts him at a disadvantage. I can only imagine various blogs on Bravo blowing up about this!

          1. re: LindaWhit

            However, someone would have ended up with Robin if they'd only brought back the recently PYKAGed chefs, so this was a sly (although disappointing) way to address that.

              1. re: momjamin

                Robin *was* in the group that was brought back. This is the first time I remember there being extras that didn't get selected. She was among the group though.

                1. re: dagwood

                  That's what I mean -- by bringing back everyone, there was a chance Robin wouldn't be drawn (as it happened). (Equally, a chance Jennifer and Eli wouldn't have been drawn.) If they had just brought back the most recent, Robin would definitely been someone's sous.

                  1. re: momjamin

                    oh, I see. Sorry I misunderstood your post. Yes, you're right. It was a very interesting way to address that.

          2. And ZING! A 4th course that must be inspired by their KNEW there would be another kink in the works!

            1. I love Kevin - bacon on his dessert! "I'm going to get an award by the Bacon Council!" LOL