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Dec 9, 2009 04:07 PM

Curry Spot: Remsen St, Brooklyn Heights

Every once in awhile I step back and catch myself writing a review that basically parallels the joke "the food was bad and, besides, there wasnt enough of it". Then I remember that, even if others dont agree with my negative assessment of the food, they should still be warned about the other pitfalls.

Okay... it's been a year or more since Curry Spot opened and some folks have said it was ok. One reputable poster in the neighborhood (NY Jewboy) only gave it a 5 out of 10 and said it was "watery". But, we were hungry and figured that's a good time to try something new, hoping we finally have an Indian restaurant in the area that isnt complete garbage. Well, the good news is that it's not complete garbage. Unfortunately, 5/10 is probably a point or two too high. Once is enough.

We ordered one "meal deal" of samosas & chicken korma (2 courses + bread, rice, raita and chutney for $14). We ordered a mixed tandoori grill (fish, chicken, lamb, shrimp) for $13. We ordered Chana Masala for $9. And we ordered a paratha ($2) and extra raita ($2). It all came with a ton of rice and a free dessert (rice w/milk) Nothing was good. Nothing was bad, mind you, but nothing was good. Not greasy, decent cuts of meat, crisp samosa shell, no real taste on anything. Sad.

As folks who ate regularly at the original Jackson Diner and kept going for years after its decline, totally giving up only last year, I can only say that the current Jackson Diner kicks this place's ass and I wont go there because it isnt good enough to waste the time and energy on.

Well, I guess this review is clear enough, dontcha think? And, oh yeah, the "wasnt enough of it" part -- portions of the mains are ok (actually fairly large), but the condiments can fit inside thimbles and,even with the extra raita (watery and almost tasteless), there wasnt enough of it or the chutney or the green tamorind sauce or the red onions or the whatever brownish red sauce that was. And they forgot the naan.

I dont need Suvir & Hemant to open a branch of Devi in Brooklyn (although, if you're reading this, please do). But I really cant understand how we have a couple of dozen or more bad cheap/moderate Indian places dotting the gentrified landscape of Brooklyn areas where folks are willing to drop $100 on dinner for 2. There gotta be someone who can do better. Please.

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  1. Thank you for calling me reputable. I agree with your observations, but unfortunately the problem is endemic to the whole of the neighborhood's offerings; Chinese, Italian (except Noodle Pudding), Thai, BBQ, Middle Eastern...whatever. They are all at best about 5 out of 10, if that. With all the money around here I never understood why someone didn't clean up with an astoundingly great something, preferably something that delivers. And I too lament the 'old' Jackson Diner, but even the current crappy incarnation does beat Curry Spot flat out. I hope you have ventured out to Flushing to Southern Spice!

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    1. re: NYJewboy

      Did I mention the (probably) MSG headache afterwards?

      I've missed several group outings to Southern Spice but I absolutely plan to go soon.

    2. I had lunch at Curry Spot a few weeks ago and the same reaction. Nothing at all special. I make better chana masala in my kitchen with my eyes closed. I was a bit surprised because I'd read some positive reviews of the place a while back -- disappointing.

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      1. re: oolah

        Funny, I get MSG headaches with my eyes closed

      2. I've accepted that there will never be a great indian restaurant in brownstone brooklyn, but even a kati roll place (a la Hanco's or Nicky's) would be nice. Kati roll people, are you listening?