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Dec 9, 2009 04:07 PM

Looking for a Great Lunch Spot in Georgia (Atlanta area)

Will be visiting for Christmas and taking the folks out for lunch one day....choosing from restaurants in midtown Atlanta, Virginia Highlands or Decatur. Looking for good Southern food (or any place very good but not exotic) in a nice atmosphere.... price point of about $30-40 per person not including tax and tip. Thanks

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  1. This isn't anywhere near your price point but we really like the OK Cafe in Atlanta when we pass thru. Great food and a nice atmosphere but much cheaper than $30 per person. They have a website I believe if you want to check it out. It's BETTER than OK!!

    1. Bobby and June's Biscuits and BBQ on 14th is one of the best in the city. True southern cooking and an Atlanta institution to boot. I grew up going there (over 30yrs) and consider it my favorite meat and three in Atlanta.

      1. It's true, what people think of as "Southern food" is usually inexpensive. If you want something a little fancier, take a look at Watershed, Scott Peacock's restaurant (co-owned by Indigo Girls' Emily Saliers).

        1. Not exactly midtown but close...Abbatoir is now open for lunch. It's the hot spot right now.
          Right next door is a great southern lunch spot...JCT Kitchen.

          Otherwise I would go to Watershed in Decatur.

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            Thanks guys...I'm booking a reservation at Watershed and looking forward to it. I have 2 small children (ages 14 months and 8 months - does anyone think this would not be the place for them?

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              No, they will be fine. It doesn't have a fancy feel. It's very casual at lunch.