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Dec 9, 2009 03:44 PM

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Culver City?

Going to a movie with a bunch of 11 year-olds at the Pacific 12 theatre in Culver City, wondering if there was a place to eat dinner afterwards that the kids would like and the patrons wouldn't mind.

Would need to be walking distance, any thoughts appreciated....

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  1. Kay & Dave's - Less kid friendly than other outposts (where the under 12's tend to outnumber the over 12's) but still fine for a group that age.

    1. My first thought before you said walking distance was C&O Trattoria, but alas not walkable.

      S&W Country Diner is close
      Honey's Kettle
      Giovanni's Trattoria and Pizzeria

      1. Agree with the other poster on Kay and Dave's - they know how to work with kids and it's good enough food with drinks for the adults.

        LaRocco's pizza on Main St. is good, you'd take up nearly the entire inside, and great for kids.

        For sandwiches and empanada's you could go to Grand Casino also on Main.

        Last, you could do Tender Greens, though it'll be more $$ than LaRocco's or Grand Casino. I take the kids there all the time (though I don't have 11).