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Dec 9, 2009 03:39 PM

Restaurants near Berklee College of Music

Looking for a nice place, not a chain, before the Straight No Chaser concert next week. Italian, American, Steak, nothing to funky as the concert is the star of the night. Thanks for your help.

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  1. My go-tos before Berklee shows are either Woody's (on Hemenway St. ... excellent pizza and beer) or Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. Enjoy the show!

    1. If Indian isn't too funky for you, Bindhi Bazaar is across the bridge over the Mass. Pike on the opposite side of Mass. Ave. from Berklee. It's a two-minute walk and an excellent restaurant.

      1. Close-by steak joints: Abe & Louis', The Capital Grille
        Close-by american: Woody's

        None of these could be described as "too funky" for anything, but the steak joints are pricey. Personally, I like Pho Basil for Vietnamese and Thai food in a casual-but-stylish setting (great pho, bun, and bubble-tea).

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          Which is closer, A&L or CG?
          Early Christmas present for me this Saturday night at Berklee for the Hammer Of The Gods show.

        2. Brasserie Jo is nearby

          1. The "not a chain" lets our Capitol Grille and A & L, they are both part of chains. But, if I were recommending a restaurant with more than one location, it would be Sel de la Terre at the Prudential center. Each SDLT has it's own chef and slightly different menu ( I've over heard servers explain why an item that is on one menu is not on another.)

            The Pan Pacific food is great at Island Hopper on Mass Ave between Newbury and Commonwealth.

            And you could do Streak Frite at La Voile on Newbury between Gloucester and Fairfield. They seem able to make any time you drop in feel like a special occasion.


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              Thanks for answering my unasked question. We too will be at the Hammer of the Gods tonight and Bhindi Bazaar first. I must say LaVoile sounds very nice tho