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Dec 9, 2009 03:27 PM

Mama Blanca's in Orient Heights (east boston)

I noticed that after a month or two of dark windows, Mama Blanca's opened in East Boston on Saratoga St. in orient heights. It used to be a mexican resturant and before that Italian Express, but both closed pretty quickly. Does anyone know anything about them? Are they the same ones that were in Maverick Square? Thanks!!!

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  1. How was the one in Maverick and where in Maverick was it?

    1. Is that where Tequila's was? We were in Orient Heights last night but I didn't see this place.

      1. Pupuseria Mama Blanca was/is at 389 Maverick Street, near the back (locals-only) gated entrance to Logan Airport. I reviewed it for The Phoenix back in March, think it's pretty great for Salvadoran/Mexican fare, a real value, nice people. But that spot is something you'd be unlikely to stumble across if you didn't live in Eastie.

        Great pupusas, a fine plato gordito (grilled steak, shrimp, chicken), camarones con coco, sopa de res y mondongo, sopa de gallina. A more central spot would have to be good for business; better T access.

        Is the new/second location the former Zafferano spot? I liked that place, too, but it was a bit pricey and maybe too authentic for the neighborhood.

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          No, its a few doors down Saratoga.

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            Hi, The Zafferano spot is now a dentist's office (????). Mama Blanca's is about a 1/2 block farther down the block - across from the library and next to a liquor store & computer repair place. So far 3 other restuarants have failed in the spot (terrible parking), so I hope they do okay. It would be great if they are the same ones as in Maverick. Thanks!