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Dec 9, 2009 03:23 PM

Pasteles Puerto Rican verion of the tamle

Growing up here at this time of year my mother and her Central American friends would gather and make pasteles. They are like tamales but the masa is made of plantain and yucca. The fillings consisted of pork cooked in a sofrito, garbanzo beans, a slice of piemento, prunes, Spaninsh olives and raisins. While they made them theyd' get drunk and listen to Edie Gorme' albums.

It is far too much time consuming to make pasteles on my own even if I had the recipe. In the past I have bought frozen ones from Goya which were pasty. I have tried the one that Senor Big Ed in Cypress makes but it's all meat and I miss the little treasures that my mother's had. Also the meat is very bland.

Does anyone know where I can find real Puerto Rican pasteles like mom used to make? It would be nice to have some this year.


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  1. Not many of these around, so give this a try.Pretty good.

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      1. I don't know how your mom make them ! Hi...I m in WPB, FL and I make pasteles, alcapurrias, mofongo and more for sale. I do make them with lots of meat in them. I make bananas and also the yuca one. my email is if this year you will like some let me know and we shall see how to send.