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Dec 9, 2009 03:19 PM

up to me,as always and i'm not motivated - seafood in manhattan

as the group food guy it's up to me, as usual to choose a place to eat. my best friends new GF is a pescetarian, so i need seafood.

not looking for la bernadin or per se, but having said that it doesn't have to be cheap cheap either. we are the types comfortable anywhere from the holiest hole to the fanciest.

any 'hood ok.

so - best seafood options up and down the scale?

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  1. Some ideas...Aqua Grill, Oceana, Bluewater Grill, Nobu, Sushi Samba, maybe a fish and chips place (no specific recommendations there), Blue Ribbon Sushi,

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      I would add Avra and the new Mermaid Oyster Bar

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        If you want a comfortable, fun place with excellent seafood that won't break the bank I would go to Aquagrill. I have been there countless times for lunch, brunch and dinner and it never disappoints.

      2. Is definitely go with Marea.
        I'll throw in Lure Fishbar too, but def try Marea.

        1. As fresh as they can be in our city. Wild Edibles along 3rd Ave near 35th Street is a neighborhood gem. The seafood that they'll cook for you comes right off the iced ones that they sell to the public. They know how to cook them, too.

          1. Harbour is a great place with interesting decor and imaginative seafood.

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                Yes, I looked at and it confirms that it is closed. What a shame. I had a feeling this was coming based on the low attendance last time we were there, but was hoping for the best. I will miss it.

            1. Pampano serves modern Mexican cuisine with -- as the name indicates -- an emphasis on fish and seafood. We were last there in September. Photos of our meal and of the space can be seen here: