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Dec 9, 2009 03:18 PM

Caterers for kosher breakfast in New York

Hi, we're planning a large kosher breakfast in the city and were wondering what the difference is between the various caterers, Foremost, Main Event, Josh's Place, Prestige, Mark David, etc. We'll be having omelets, bagels, smoked salmon, etc.

Other than the chefs for the omelets, I can't imagine that there is much of a difference between the different companies since none of them are actually making the bagels, pastries, cream cheese, etc.

Any thoughts or advice?

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    1. re: havdalahclub

      Hi thanks but I would looking for some detail as to how one might be diffrent from the other.

      1. re: havdalahclub

        CHEESEDLOX IN BROOKLYN. We used them for an engagement party in Manhattan and they were half the price.

        1. re: Maven123

          Hi thanks for the suggestion but I’m sure all these places are good. Some change 20 a head some charge 15. Some change for drinks some include it. What I’m trying to figure out is other then price for something like a breakfast as opposed to a dinner how much that the quality really differ since they are primary serving food they did not bake anyway.

          1. re: NYCMark

            it depends where they get the food, how fresh it is, how the food is presented.

            also depends on how many servers are included in the price. will tables be cleared constantly? coffee and orange juiced frequently refreshed? china or disposable platters and plates? sit down or buffet? will coffee and juice be served at tables? platters of pastries on tables? all these things make a difference in price....

            1. re: cheesecake17

              well it seems all charge me for waiters and I can add or remove as I see fit. But again when it comes to food quality/quantity is there a substitive diffrence between Foremost, Main Event, Josh's Place, Prestige, Mark David, etc. Can anybody speek from experiance.

              1. re: NYCMark

                I have eaten from all of the above. Seems to me that Main Event does a very fine standard bris-type menu, Mark david and Foremost are the highest quality, and Josh's Place the least conventional and most likely to come up with something original. Mark David will do better props and table decor than anyone else. The only breakfast that was really outstanding that I have been to in recent years was catered by Oury from Brooklyn in tavern on the Green, and i believe he has subsequently lost his hashgocho but at the time he had OK (chalav Yisrael) and originality of menu and display of French cheeses and parisienne pastries was amazing! I think Mark david and Josh's Place might be more open than the otehrs to original requests...

                1. re: EvanM

                  From what I understand, Ouri's catering did not lose their hashgacha over a kashrut issue. There was a monetary issue between Ouri and the OK so they dropped him. He has hashgacha now..

                  1. re: EvanM

                    Some really great advice thanks!

                  2. re: NYCMark

                    Right but thats about cost, i'm talking quality of food, is one better then the toher when it comes to bagels, and lox ect?

          2. I like Josh's Place quite a bit and use them frequently for events. They actually do their own baking and their baked goods are dairy which means they taste much better. I'm also consistently impressed by the quality of the fruit they use in their fruit platters.

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            1. re: AndeB

              I like them also, has anybody done a bris? what kind of pricing per head is resonable?

            2. How is Cheese D' Lox in Brooklyn these days? I hear it has changed hands. Is it as good as it was before? Also, how does it rate vs NYC places?

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              1. re: foodeny

                8th Day caterers in Bergen County seem good and reasonable as bris breakfast specialists! They do NYC locations too and are under RCBC, but can do chalav Yisrael too.