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Dec 9, 2009 03:06 PM

Delicious Take Out in Northern Virginia for Anniversary of Parents of a Newborn

My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary in a week, but don't feel comfortable taking our newborn to a restaurant. Can anyone recommend special takeout in Northern Virginia? We live in the McLean/ Falls Church area.

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  1. I got the advice I'm about to give right here on this board. GO.

    You're good up to about 6 months except in extreme cases of colic. Feed the baby in the car, put baby in the carriage, go in. You're fine. Regardless of noise for the most part. Seriously (I got the info from Polly G).

    Congrats, btw!

    1. Does Coastal Flats do take out? I like them. Otherwise, I'd call one of your favorite restaurants, explain the situation and ask them if they can package up your meal for pickup. I bet any one of them would do it!


      1. This may be too far from home, but I am going to put it out there- Liberty Tavern does a good job with their curbside to go. It isn't the most fancy of food, but I think it is good and very well prepared. The pork chop is wonderful, so is their steak and frisee salads.

        Closer to home perhaps Evo? Just about anywhere will do carryout, I just try to think of things I think will journey well.

        Ray's the Steak always is great even as left overs, so I bet it would be good take out, although it is all the way in Courthouse.

        1. A meal of mezze has the advantage of being able to be picked up early in the day and held until dinner with no loss in quality. If you're happy making a meal of mezze, here's what I'd buy from two places located in McLean:

          @ Kazan: Ask them to pack up two of their Iman Bayildi (tomato/onion stuffed eggplant) and a portion of their taramasalata. Make sure they don't toast the pita bread that they'll send as accompaniment. It will be cold by the time you eat the meal and you won't want to heat the bread twice. If you want a dessert, also ask for two portions of their orange baklava (lighter than traditional baklava with an intense flavor punch).

          @ The Gourmet Basket: Their couscous salad and sliced eggplant salad. Of their savory stuffed pastries, order their spicy meat version, their spinach version, and their cheese version in preference to their non-spicy meat version. Also, order their divine pumpkin-filled kibbe. Their hummus is a very chick-pea intense version which my husband prefers; I prefer Lebanese Taverna Market's more lemony/tahini version.

          GB's soups are yummy but tend to be too thick. If you order the yellow lentil or multi-grain soups , you'll probably want to have some quality canned chicken stock on hand to dilute this somewhat. I haven't had their Swiss chard soup. (Swiss chard soup at Lebanese Taverna Market is my idea of perfection if you like comfort food with a bracing squirt of lemon. However, you'll do just fine with Gourmet Basket's soups and the pick up issues will be simpler than adding a trip to Arlington.)

          If you want a main-with-two-sides type of meal, I'd call Capri in McLean and ask them what will travel best with minimal loss of quality.

          FWIW, when my husband and I bring in an everyday meal, we order Chicken Francese from Pulcinella. This dish travels well. We ask that their salad be packed without dressing so the lettuce doesn't wilt waiting to be picked up or during transport. For a more upscale salad, order the spring greens version and pay the difference. Do not order a pasta as a side dish no matter what you order. The pasta gets overcooked during the trip home.

          Happy anniversary! Happy baby!

          1. Crystal Thai? Its my favorite Thai around here.

            If you want to try going in, it's busy enough to not be a shock if a baby cried, but never noisy enough to make it hard to bring one. It's a low key traditional styled place -- maroon walls and dark wood furniture, no neon lighting. You wont be ruining anyone's hip meal -- plus its in a suburban strip mall, so most patrons are middle aged parents. I think they also have a vestibule at the door with tables nearby. Worse case scenario, you sit there, take the crying baby into the vestibule -- if he/she can't be consoled, just pack the meal up and zip home. I forget the term, but they don't assign servers to tables, so you can flag any of the girls walking around, and they'll bring you some boxes (or ask for them in advance.)