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Dec 9, 2009 02:48 PM

Best mussel dish in Portland?

I'll be escaping from the landlocked center of America to head to Portland this weekend, and would like to get everyone's take on where I should go for mussels. I know there are mussels that can't be found outside of the Pacific Northwest and that Portland is experiencing a culinary boom, so any recommendations on what restaurants to go to would be most appreciated.

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  1. You'll find moules-frites at numerous places around town, my favorite being the basquaise at Laurelhurst Market, which should be on your food itinerary regardless.

    1. We had some amazing mussels at Bar Avignon right before Thanksgiving.

      1. Laurelhurst Market, Davis Street Tavern, Basta's, North 45 - I have had mussels at all of these places recently and they were all very good.

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          The mussels on the bar menu at Carlyle are amazing. There is some sort of sausage in the dish that gives it a little heat, and the broth in the bowl is scrumptious. My default order there is mussels, side of fries with aioli, and a steady stream of Negronis.

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            So what mussels are you refering to that can't be found outside the Pacific Northwest? I get my mussels which can found anywhere in the US at Pacific Seafood.

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              I read in an early thread that I can no longer find (titled: things you love about the Pacific Northwest that you can't get anywhere else) that there were some types of mussels that could only be purchased or found in restaurants in the BC/WA/OR region. I wish I could find the thread again to give you exact names.

        2. If you are going to Portland, and you can get great mussels where you live, I'd skip that quest.

          Portland is booming, just like most cities in the U.S. But it is not a town known for mussels, let alone seafood (compared with Seattle, SF, LA). I know things are changing fast, but if I was PDX bound this weekend, I would be headed for hip neighborhood joints like the Screen Door (great Southern fare), Voodoo Donut, and pick one of the top restaurants on the list that's getting all the rave reviews right now.

          1. Most of the mussels here come from the Puget Sound. Saute onions and garlic and add wine, put in mussels and maybe a little water. When they open up, scoop them out and add a little butter to the juice. Pour over the mussels and serve with bread. Yum