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Dec 9, 2009 01:59 PM

One shot Ft Lauderdale. Need 2 meals

Need a Saturday lunch near downtown ( and good shopping that is arts oriented for gifts, if possible!!) and a spot for Sunday dinner near NE 15th Ave. Visiting older friends-- nice restaurant, but not over the top--there will be an argument over who is treating!. Steaks, pasta, American cuisine, full bar. Any recommendations, gratefully accepted. We will have a car, so anything in the 2-4 or so mi area, good.

Many thanks!

PS we'll be coming again, so if you miss this time frame, still appreciate your input!

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  1. Las Olas Blvd has a lot of restaurants and a number of shops that are arts oriented. Lots of places to choose from to eat - great sushi at Sushi Rock and Smith and Jones for American are 2 highlights that come to mind. There is also Mangoes and the Floridian which are very popular.

    For dinner... Blue Moon Fish co..... Osteria Da Campo.....Coconuts is great - it's on the beach.

    1. Stop by Seldom Seen Gallery on Las Olas Blvd. One block west of the gallery is Le Cafe de Paris, very nice for lunch.