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Dec 9, 2009 01:56 PM

The Bothy Wine & Whisky Bar, Edmonton

Thanks to Cleopatra 999's "heads up" which is part of the Creations Dining Room thread, I drove to The Bothy's southside location [5482 Calgary Trail] for lunch today.

They have only been open for a matter of days but from what I saw, it looks promising. Approximately 50 seats including the bar. The focus is on wine and whisky with 25 wines by the glass and 75 whiskies.

Their web-site is a work in progress but gives a decent overview

The owner Doug is passionate about this business and I hope that he does well. I am a friend of his so this may not be the most unbiased email in this regard.

I had the cassoulet and braised pork belly and nice glass of red wine for lunch. The other options looked interesting particularly their pies, steak and mushroom, chicken and leek and vegetable. The cheese [from Paddy's] and cold cuts aka charcuterie option is something I will try when I have more time and want to linger.

The kitchen is headed up by Kevin who had worked at Bacon and Angela from the Blue Pear. I did not realize it but the Aussies are apparently well known for their pies and that is something she is responsible for.

It is located in the strip mall which also houses Bin 104 and a menswear shop just past where the original Earl's with the wagons on the roof used to be.

Drop in and say hello to Doug.

If you cannot get by his Scottish brogue...have another whisky and ask him about his "red and white Drambuie" story from his ski trip to Panorama.

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  1. so, how was the chicken and cassoulet? I didn't make it in last night, maybe tonight... the wine list looks interesting, curious about the whisky selections. Also curious about the haggis - I've had it several times, but only in Scotland, so hope that it is good here.

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    1. re: Dan G

      Yes, how was the cassoulet? I love a nice offering of pork belly!

      Are they making their haggis in house? I get mind from Old Country Meat & Deli, which is really close by to Bothy, and I think it's the bees knees.

      1. re: Dan G

        Not bad Dan G./raidar:

        It was not a "typical" cassoulet...more tomato sauce beans than the white bean variety I have made on occasion when I tried to make a quick and easy take-off with duck confit and ham sausage rather than the traditional was fine for lunch with the good bread it was served with and a reduced balsamic sauce to perk it up.

        Did not think to ask about the haggis nor the seared sirloin prepared sous vide.

      2. Hmm, interesting. I've been looking for a restaurant with some lovely wines and cheeses to go have a in-lieu of presents date with my fiancee. I was thinking 4th and vine, but this is much closer to our house, and would be a cheaper cab ride. Perhaps I'll be checking it out this month.

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        1. re: wonderflosity


          I definitely would opt for Bothy over 4th and Vine but to be fair, it has been some time since I was last at the latter.

          Bothy has an excellent cheese selection and my experience is that if you are getting them from Paddy's they are pretty good. I do love manchego.

          Doug has invested in some "gizmo" can tell I am such a techie... that keeps sparkling wines like champagne "fresh" so you can have quite the variety of wines.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            Is it one of those Enoteco (or something like that) machines like some liquor stores now have? I wondered when I saw the list on the website how they could do that many sparklers, or even risk a $30/glass Chateau Beaucastel and not have them sit open too long.

            1. re: Dan G

              Dan G:

              Yes, I too do not remember the precise name but it is what you are thinking of.

              It took a considerable amount of time to get it here and initially I think only Liquor Depots had them in that circular format I have seen on the few occasions I go Liquor Depots.

              Doug did say that Gurvinder at Vinomania now has one as does the Hardware Grill

              Not sure about the sparklers as Doug showed me [as I said above] the "gizmo" he was using for the sparkling wine and it was as if the bottle was encased within a decanter and gas was added to maintain the bubbles which was apparently guaged governed by the larger piece of equipment.

              Dan G., all the more reason for you to drop in because I am sure Doug would love to show you and explain the new "toys".

              1. re: Bob Mac

                I tried to talk my wife into going last night after a holiday reception thing we were at, but it was 8:30 by the time we were heading home and she said she was too tired to enjoy food (and had also had enough to drink...). Definitely top of my list of places to try though. Big debate will be dinner for haggis or lunch for a pie.

        2. I have been looking forward to the opening of this establishment since hearing of it at Slow Foods Edmonton. My buddy and I went for a late supper and wine and some how ended up having some whisky too. You are right Bob Mac, Doug is passionate and very knowledgeable! We had a fantastic time and will definitely go back for more whisky and try the meat pies.
          Tried the tomato and smoked bacon soup (of the day) - which was steaming hot and very creamy. It almost reminded me of the smoked tomato soup from Fuze.
          We also had wine flights and ordered charcuterie - the menu has a nice and varied selection, and always nice to see items from local suppliers. The plate came with a myriad of accompaniments and warm bread.
          The wine bar is definitely something - it is HIGH TECH, very cool.
          There is a cellar room at the back of the restaurant (the wine and spirit list still in the works) but didn't get a chance to peek in.

          I mentioned Haggis in passing but did not ask if it is made in house - sounds like they are planning to have it on the menu. At least, they would like to have that in time for Robbie Burns Day...and possibly other Burns related celebration in the works. :D

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          1. re: hungryneko

            Thanks for asking about the haggis hungryneko. I'm glad someone may carry it year round, as I cook it at home on plenty of occasions and don't wait for Mr. Burns. I was wondering why the name (besides being talked about lately) sound so familiar and I remember they offered a pork belly sampling at Indulgence this year. Was very good if I remember correctly.

            I've looked at the website today a few times, and I'm hoping to stop in sooner than later.

            1. re: raidar

              no, they weren't at Indulgence but Alan Irving (and whatever restaurant was serving his pork) was handing out flyers.

              1. re: Dan G

                Interesting Dan G. You got me thinking now, and looking back at my Indulgence package, I couldn't help but notice what I said, was what I believed to be true until today. I found even Sharon, , and Valarie, , both labeled it as such too. Any thoughts on why they had it listed as such in the Indulgence flyer? Delicious nonetheless.

                1. re: raidar

                  I guess I am wrong - I just found a poster for 2009 Indulgence and Bothy is listed. Pretty odd that a restaurant that was 6 months from opening could get on the ticket... And I was sure that whoever I spoke to at that table was working somewhere else at the time.

                  1. re: Dan G

                    Yup, they were at Indulgence and also at Rocky Mountain Food/ Wine Fest.
                    At Rocky Mtn, they served a braised pork belly dish as well as cured salmon on rye.
                    i am looking forward to sampling their haggis as well!