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Gone but not forgotten

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This was the best CheeseCake in the history of Cheese Cake. When JFK was President the triffic would be locked down because he loved this man's cheesecake. There was photographs of the President in the little shop. Mr. Hy was very proud of his recipe and he guarded it carefully. John F Kennedy would fly the baker to DC to bake Cheese Cake for dignateries. I miss that little shop. This is in salute to Mr Hy's famous Cheese Cake. God Bless you where ever you are.
I just know that if you're gone God has let you in Heaven just so that you could make your Cheese Cake for Him. If any of your grandchildren ever see this blog. someone in the family needs to open another Cheese Cake Shoppe in honor of your grandfather. We loved him and his dedication to making perfect deserts.
Joyce Dyer Clark

I have been trying for years to reproduce the lightness of Hy's Cheese Cake, But you just can't touch this!

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  1. More missers on this board...


    It must have been good!