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Boss Sushi on La Cienega

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Has anyone been lately? How does this place match up to other sushi spots in the area like Roku, Hirozen, Sushi Time, Izakaya?

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  1. It is a solid place to eat. fish is good. Service is not dependable....sit at the bar if you can.

    Of the places you listed:

    Izakaya is in class by itself - SO GOOD
    Hirozen - I really like this place and forget it is there.
    Roku- No need to ever eat there again....
    Sushi Time - never been - where is it?

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      Sushi Time is on Beverly Blvd @ Crescent Heights - its a good, dependable local spot but nothing worth driving to the neighborhood for - great value for money in terms of freshness of the fish though

    2. Some of the sushi chefs at Boss came from the former Kokyo (now Yen) at Pico & Beverwil. There were many Kokyo fans here who might find this encouraging.