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Dec 9, 2009 01:06 PM

XLB, Jia Jia vs Ding Tai Fung.

Finally had the chance to try the famed Jia Jia. As advertised the XLB was amongst the best I have tasted. Flavorful soup and thin wraps. But how do they compare with Ding Tai Fung? We have also had the chance to go to DTF this trip (about the 4th time we tried DTF at different cities). And the verdict is, the two places serve very comparable tasting XLB. So taste-wise we judge them to be a tie. Price-wise of course there is no comparison, as DTF is 4 times that of Jia Jia. However, at the end we'd still prefer DTF for the overall ambience, the availability of a full restaurants dishes, and the service. DTF Shanghai also has the mini XLB every day. This is only available on weekends at other DTF locations.

On a side note, we also tried Yang's fried dumplings across the street from Jia Jia. Since we had 4 trays of XLB from Jia Jia we didn't have much room left for Yang's, which was a mistake. This was the best fried dumplings we've ever had. Next time we'll definitely be back just for the fried dumplings.

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  1. Which of the Jia Jia XLB did you try / prefer?

    Yang's: outrageous.

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    1. re: Steve

      We tried the regular and the crab. The crab is full of crab flavor and very "economical". We probably can't have too much crab, so next time just one each of the regular and the crab.

      1. re: PeterL

        Even though Jia Jia is far more 'famous' for the pork, I much prefer the crab for the savoriness of the soup. I was hesitant to order it because I suspected it would be flavorless, but the crab provided a lot of punch to the XLB.

        1. re: Steve

          While the crab/pork combo at Jia Jia is very "economical", those willing to spend a bit more should go for the pure crab roe XLB. Absolutely sinful and offers the best bang for the buck IMHO.

          1. re: Peech

            Thanks for linking to your blog. Great reading. Are the crab roe XLB seasonal?

            1. re: Steve

              I don't think so. Crab roe is collected, mixed with crab meat and oil (either vegetable oil or pork lard), then the end product is refrigerated for use year-round.

    2. Thanks for the update, Peter.
      I'll be sure to try Jia Jia, and save a little money, before I leave Shanghai.

      (Btw, for this kind of posting, it would be useful for novices, such as myself, if you would indicate in the thread title which city/region you are referring to.)