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Dec 9, 2009 01:04 PM

Q & A WithVoltaggio Bros

In the Washington Post today

Also a new website from the brothers V:

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  1. Thanks for the links - interesting chat that put Michael in a more favorable light for me. Do you suppose that he really mis-typed his brother's name (as Brian) at the beginning of the chat?

    1. enjoyed the links. I noticed the Brian/Bryan thing, too - maybe because one of my kids is a Bryan (lol). I agree that Michael did not seem nearly as villan-y as he does on TC. I guess the Elves did a good (or bad) job editing for drama to paint him as the cocky, arrogant, rude guy.

      1. Thanks for the Q&A link - definitely shows Michael in a bit of a different light - but like most younger brothers, he obviously still pokes the bear. :-) (Younger sisters do that as well! LOL)

        1. Thanks for posting! I also wanted to add they have updated the article and added new Q's & A's today.