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Dec 9, 2009 12:16 PM

asian lunch lafayette and spring

I'm working on Lafayette and spring for one day next week and my Malasian 8 month pregnant boss wants something decent to eat for lunch but refuses to eat anything but asian food...chinese, japanese, thai, whatever. Anything close to these cross streets that doesn't take too long as we only get a half hour lunch. Any suggestions would be more than welcome!


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  1. Nyonya is on Grand between Mulberry and Mott. It's Malaysian, and pretty good in my mind. Is that too far?

    1. How about Woo Lae Oak (Korean), a few blocks away at 148 Mercer. Or Kelley and Ping (misc asian), also close by at 127 Greene St.

      Both are a bit Americanized. but I can't think of anything more authentic in the area,

      1. It's a couple of blocks away and takeout only, but Saigon Banh Mi (138 Mott, just south of Grand) is delicious and dirt cheap. I take any excuse possible to schlep over there for lunch.