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Dec 9, 2009 12:06 PM

Alternative to Locande Verde

I just called and found out Locanda Verde is booked solid for Friday and I need a really good alternative to fill its place. Looking for something as similar as possbile in terms of ambiance, food, and price...what do you suggest? I'm making a reservation for 5 people.

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  1. Crispo is a pretty close approximation. They are showing availability on Opentable at 6:30 and 9. Pepolino also has great food, albeit just a tad more expensive. Not on Opentable. but if you call they probably will not be fully booked.

    1. How about Trattoria Cinque, just south of Locanda and also really good Italian.

      1. i think the food at locanda verde is far better then crispo. i have heard good things about trattoria cinque. landmarc is a good alternative.

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          If you're considering non-Italian like Landmarc, then you could also look into The Harrison, which is close to Locanda. Don't miss the duck fat fries and truffled orzo side dishes.

        2. l'artusi closest bet. then dell'anima (though slightly smaller).

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          1. re: monasapple

            Between the options here, L'artusi is much closer to Locande Verde than Crispo.