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Dec 9, 2009 11:45 AM

Birmingham, Alabama - Five points area

Hi all,

A few friends of mine are going down to Birmingham, AL on Jan 1-3 for watch the bowl game. They're looking for a good time with good food. They're real simple and prefer more casual places than fancier, expensive places. Oh and BBQ is a must.

They're staying in the five points area at the Residence Inn at UAB. However, they will NOT have a car. So anything within walking distance or a short (10-15 min) cab ride would really help.

I've searched this board and found the following:

Dreamland for BBQ
Jim & Nick's for BBQ
Bottega Cafe for Italian
Cosmos for pizza
26 for seafood
New Chinatown for Chinese
Original Pancake House for breakfast
ZaZa Trattoria for breakfast

For bars with food:
J Clyde's
Dave's Pub

If anyone has any suggestions or comments about the above places, please do! I would really appreciate any help!

Oh and any place to grab something quick like burgers, hot dogs, or the like would be very helpful as well.

Thank you all in advance!

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  1. It always helps me when people advise from where they are visiting. I know the teams playing, but that says nothing really. For example, I don't suggest that my Boston, NYC or San Fran friends visit any of the Korean, Thai, Sichuan, Taiwanese, etc. restaurants here but may steer them to the 'cue.

    Ocean, 26's sister restaurant, is much more seafood-focused than 26.

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    1. re: Dax

      They're coming from NJ. But they aren't very adventurous with their food. They only truly like American food like BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, and pizza. The most exotic they will go is Chinese food and that's Americanized Chinese food.

    2. Just a quick note: Dave's doesn't serve food.

      1. I would avoid Dreamland in Birmingham. Full Moon is a much better bet. Chez Fonfon has a really great hamburger.

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        1. re: dcbbq

          If they're not adventurous they might like Dreamland but if they're in Five Points, I would just go to Jim and Nick's.

          For Pizza in that area, Cosmo's is good but Bottega Cafe is better.

          ZaZa is downtown not southside.

          1. re: Dax

            26 sounds beyond their price point. In addition to Cosmo's Mellow Mushroom does a decent pizza and has a good draft beer selection, which seems to fit the bill you seek.
            You also owe it to youself to check out The Garage bar for drinks while you're here. I guarantee you've never been in a bar like it. It's walkable, but a cab might be better: 2304 Tenth Terrace South. Cash only.

            1. re: Big Daddy

              Actually I think 26 is one of the more reasonably priced restaurants in town. Those shortribs for $19 are rocking.

              The Mellow Mushroom chain sure won't wow them (their crust is too thick, Cosmo's is better) but the beer selection is good.

              J Clyde has some decent chicken fingers plus a great beer selection. Too bad it will be cold as both J Clyde has a cool porch.

              I love the Garage but it's on hiatus until Spring as the inside is just too small.

        2. Thanks everyone! These are really great tips! Keep them coming!

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          1. re: tastyeating

            if you're looking for BBQ, i wouldn't visit without trying Saw's in Homewood. It's MUCH better than Dreamland, Jim n Nick's or Full Moon IMO. It is a cab ride away (probably 10 min), but worth it. For late night, Marty's is in 5 pts and great for a bacon cheeseburger after midnight. Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of decent options within walking distance in 5 pts. Rojo in Highland is kind of hit-or-miss but has a fun, loud, "hangout" atmosphere and has a large selection of tex-mex and american dishes. Bogue's in the Forest Park area is good for traditional southern breakfast also. Glad to be having you here for the game!

            1. re: bhamgirl99

              I think Surin deserves a mention, too!