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Dec 9, 2009 11:27 AM

Best German Christmas Market Eats?

I'll be touring around Germany over the holidays and skulking around the various Christmas markets. Is there anything in particular that I should try? Anything special that I shouldn't miss as far as food and drink go?

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  1. Most of the food served at Xmas markets aren't worth it... think greasy fried fish, greasy, mega-garlicky mushrooms, and old fries.

    That said, a lot of people like Dampfnudeln, which are doughy dumplings, sometimes with a fruit filling. They get topped with vanilla sauce and/or cinnamon.

    Personally, I still dream of the Rahmbrot (fresh baked bread with crème fraîche, cheese, and scallions) that is available at the Gendarmenmarkt Winterzauber in Berlin...

    Gingerbread is obvious, I guess. And dont have any gluehwein. That stuff is just gross. Instead, see if you can find some meade.

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      Have to agree with linguafood about the chrsitmas market offerings. However, I have to suggest if you visit Munich, you can go a few blocks from the Marienplatz to the Andechs Am Dom and stand outside under heaters and enjoy their tremendous beers and good food. Also, you can take a 40 min S-train to Aying where the Aying Christmas market is held on the courtyard in front of Liebhard's serving the enormous reisen schnitzel at a rediculous price (stay away from Ayinger's restaurant across from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, half the size and much more expensive) and enjoy the Ayinger beers (I suggest the altbayrisch dunkles in stone krug) from the brewery 100 yards away.


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        Great post that brings back a lot of memories! Bayern won big yesterday, too.

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          Just got back from the pilgrimage to Germany for the kristkindlmarkts and I completely disagree with the negative comments about the street foods. Had pomme frites a few times, never greasy, always hot, and with a nice crisp outside. Had many brats and sausage, some better than others, but never anything I didn't want to finish. GF is a vegetarian and even she was able to find some street food which she enjoyed.

          In additon to street food we had several nice mid level diiners in Munich and Regensberg, Spatenhaus food was very good, as was Glockl am Dom.

          Not sure what your budget is but for a truly remarkable meal if in Munich look into Tantris and/or The Konigshof restaraunt. We had meals there and they were spectacular, Tantris being totally out of this World good.

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            Nobody said anything negative about street foods, just that a lot of the Xmas market stuff is mediocre and overpriced. Good for you that you had positive experiences. I'm not a bratwurst kinda gal, so I can only talk about the other offerings, which IMO aren't all that great.

    2. Glühwein is the key to staying warm at the Christmas markets. Trust me. It's not gross, it's just different. The mugs make nice souvenirs.

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      1. re: 2FlyingYorkies

        Couldn't agree more. I look forward to Gluhwein every year around the Holidays (I like it during the afternoon break while skiing as well). We like doing comparisons of the different "recipes" offered at each booth and there are always some "misses" and "hits" and to us that's just part of the fun.

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          Well, all I can say is that I generally have trouble just finishing one cup. I'm just not that crazy about hot, sweet alcohol.

            1. re: Joe H

              Yep. Not a fan of that either. I like my booze cold, what can I say '-)

      2. I don't know if it is just a Munich thing, but I love Rahmfleckerl. Its sort of a rye flatbread topped with creme fraiche, scallions and speck.

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          That's the Rahmbrot I mentioned!!! LOVE it.