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Dec 9, 2009 10:33 AM

Molecular Gastronomy in Boston Area?

Fellow Hounds,

I'm interested to try some examples of molecular gastronomy here in the Boston area. I've tried some very interesting creations overseas, but never sampled any US experiments in the science.

Are there any restaurants or eateries in the Cambridge or Boston area that have good examples of dishes founded on the principles of molecular gastronomy? I would love to know.


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  1. try the tasting menu at Clio...not as radical as say Alinea or Moto but it dabbles a toe in molecular waters, so to speak...

    1. I was at Tryst last night and had a starter of sweet pumpkin fritters.
      These were garnished with green apple foam and powdered brown butter.
      Quite molecular and very good.

      Tryst Restaurant
      282A Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

        1. One new development since the discussion I included in that old post that ScubaSteve cites is a stronger if occasional use of molecular cooking at L'Espalier since it moved to its new home in the Mandarin Oriental a little over a year ago. I presume this is because they now have much bigger, better-equipped kitchen facilities than they ever had in the old townhouse.

          Chef McClelland shows off a few flourishes, but it's more evident in the desserts of pastry chef Jiho Kim, a really creative talent. He's doing things like vacuum-compressing fruit and using natural colloids (like agar agar) to solidify liquid ingredients like milk without cooking them. It's one of the few things that has gotten better and more interesting about the place since the move to that dull, flavorless new dining room with the sweatsuit-draped patrons.

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            If you walk down the hallway behind the windowed L'E kitchen you can see both their chemical ingredients (lining the shelves) and how they use them. If you catch them at the right moment it's a good show.

          2. I've seen it more in desserts than in mains here in Boston. The pastry chef at Gargoyle's definitely dabbles, as does the aforementioned desserts at Clio and L'Espalier.

            There's nothing like an Alinea or WD-50 here, though.