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Good eats around the Royal York hotel ...

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I will be staying @ The Roayl York hotel on Saturday night and I would like to know if anyone could recommend some good spots (within walking distance) to eat around the hotel. Either cheaper take out or lower => mid priced restaurant.

I am open to eating any kind of food.


: )

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  1. If you get there during the day I definitely recommend checking out St. Lawrence Market which is a short walk away. As for restaurants in that area, I don't have any specific recommendations but remember you are also across the street from Union Station so if there is something else in town you really want to try you are probably only a 10 minutes subway ride away.

    1. Terroni isn't to far from there.

      1. Beerbistro is a short-ish jaunt and a nice mid-priced option

        1. There's also Harlem, Rodney's By Bay and Irish Embassy nearby.

          1. Other than fast food, cheap in the downtown area is hard to find on a Saturday night...Terroni & Beer Bistro with a couple of drinks is bordering on $40 to $50 with tax and tip...Le Petit Dejeuner on King East might fit the bill ($30)...or Smoke's Poutinerie or Burrito Boyz for under $10 (no alcohol)...Marimba!

            1. Terroni, I like for their pastas, but they're known for their pizza. A staple is papardelle and the sausage and peas.

              Beer Bistro has a lot of different beers on tap if you're a beer drinker. Everything they serve is made with beer, aside from their fries, which are consistently really good. I recommend the horse tartare (with fries!) and a glass of Ephèmere Cassis. I also really like the icecream sandwich dessert.

              Harlem is interesting. Want to try their fried chicken. Liked the candied yams and their rice 'n' peas.

              For morning/lunch eats, try out Petite Thuet! I haven't had yet (I keep meaning to drop by before work), but I hear their sandwiches are great. Croissants are good, some macarons are okay. Avoid the marshmallows.

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              Beer Bistro
              18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

              67 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5C1N9, CA

              57 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K6, CA

              Petite Thuet
              1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5J, CA

              1. I would second the recco's for Irish Embassy (go there to start with pints, if that's your thing) and then wander over to Rodney's.

                Alternatively, depending on price, you could try Reds. And, if you're looking at something really value oriented, walk across the street to BCE place and grab a plate of something from Movenpick. Not gourmet, but cheap, fast and you get to do the walkabout looking for your idea of the perfect noodle plate...