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Dec 9, 2009 09:44 AM

creuset is 20% off at williams sonoma.

just thought i'd share!

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  1. Thanks for the tip!

    Although, with tax and shipping, I'd save only $9.41 on a 5.5 QT French Oven over what I'd pay at Amazon. Still, a $10 savings is nothing to sneeze at.

    BTW, I noticed that Calphalon is also 20% off, and on some of the Le Creuset (and All Clad) sets there is free shipping:

    Does anyone know if with Williams-Sonoma a return could be made (in person) to one of their stores? I'm trying to think of a reason (besides the $10 savings) they'd be better than Amazon.

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    1. re: philly888

      i'm not sure about the returns- but williams sonoma is pretty good about returns in general. though i initially noticed the discount in store- so if you have one nearby you may be able to save on the shipping...

      1. re: qwerty78

        I had thought a trip to a Williams-Sonoma store meant a trip to center city Philadelphia for me, but after reading your post I double-checked and found a store in a mall less than 10 miles away. So $2 in gas and a little aggravation saved me more than $25 that I would have paid in shipping and extra tax from the WS website.

        BTW, my store had only one 5.5QT Round French Oven in Flame, so if someone wants that color or Slate, which I also didn't see displayed, they should call ahead first.

        Thanks again for the tip. I didn't want to buy a second by phone from an LC outlet, nor drive to the outlet closest to me (it's too far). This way, I got a perfect one for $184. I'm not a shopper who haunts Marshalls or TJ Maxx or any of those places that sometimes offer really awesome deals, so this is a bargain for me. It's my first purchase from Williams-Sonoma! :)

    2. IIRC LC is currently having their 30% off sale. (Someone here pls correct me if I'm wrong or if I have the details wrong — I didn't keep the notice they sent me just a little while ago) If you call one of their outlets, they can tell you & put you on the list to be notified. Usually, shipping is free if you spend over $100. The deal on seconds is even better & the "flaws" on their seconds are generally trivial. I have a mixture of firsts & seconds & once in use, don't even notice the difference.

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      1. re: fauchon

        The LC outlet store I spoke to seemed reluctant to offer me the mailing list 35% off even though I called to add my name to their mailing list. They indicated that I could get 25% off $193 list price for a second, which would make it $145 plus free shipping. I didn't want to buy a second via phone order, but it probably is worthwhile, I agree.

      2. LC is 30% off at this weekend as well, though I only saw that in the email they sent me, not at the actual website.

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        1. re: nofunlatte

          Hey, you're right, they're selling the 5.5QT for $183.96 and the 7.25 QT for $215.96, although not all colors are in stock and shipping is not free. So, comparable to the Williams-Sonoma sale. (Maybe a little less for shipping and no tax).