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Dec 9, 2009 09:41 AM

Sanagan's Meat Locker

Does anyone have any experience with this new butcher shoppe in Kensington Market that went in where Max and Son's was before they recently closed? I've been hearing some really positive things about them from some friends.

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  1. I purchased some Tamworth chops and beef short ribs there a week or so ago, the meat was excellent with a good provenance, the pricing is expensive but not Healthy Butcher expensive.

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      The beef is pretty good, but it can vary. The best is to talk to Peter and ask him where he got that specific cow.

      But they have a nice variety of pork foul and sometimes lamb as well.

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        That's good to know. I've found Healthy Butcher to be prohibitively expensive as of late.

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          Stopped in today after picking up coffee from Casa Acoreana - chatted with one of the Pavao bros who raved about Sanagan's. Got some sausages (made in house) - picked up a couple of Vietnamese sausages and some pork and pork liver ones.

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            first visit. left with 2 beef tenderloins. running $16 a pound. asked for 2 big ones. ran me $16 and a bit. rubbed down with olive oil, sea salt and coarse fresh ground pepper. quick pan sear then turned the heat low. transferred to a 250 oven for 7-10 mins. served with yukon gold mash and brown mushrooms and sauteed kale. memorable medallions. will return.

        2. i've been probably 4 times so far. all the meat has been really good. i would say that the breakfast sausage wasn't fantastic, but the bacon, chicken livers, oxtail and a handful of other kinds of sausage were very good.

          the chickens always look really good. i never asked, but i'm assuming air chilled.

          plus, peter seems like a really nice dude.

          1. great stuff so far- they gave me a $1.99 per pound on duck fat. Nice bacon though I'm not sure it's doublesmoked. 9 bucks got me 3 pounds of amazing veal cheeks. They sold me 2 decent sized pig heads, one with a significant amount of neck meat, for 11 bucks.
            Not perfect for everything, but their offal selection can be great, with tongues and hearts available regularly.