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Dec 9, 2009 09:17 AM

Restaurant with view--Seattle

I recently read on this board something about a nice Polynesian inspired restaurant in Seattle with great views and good "happy hour" specials both at happy hour and again after 9-9:30. It had a website that showed the views. I can not remember the name and can't find it again. Anyone have ideas?

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    1. re: akq

      This might be it but I thought the view was from higher up. Thanks for helping.

      1. re: spicee

        That was the one--thanks for all of your help. We didn't end up going there--went to Elliots for the oyster happy hour. Amazing!

      1. re: Lauren

        I think Thoa's is in the spot that used to be the Islander - which would have fit the OP's request as well.

      2. ART Lounge (in the 4 seasons) is right next door to where The Islander(I am positive this is the one you were inquiring about) was located. It has amazing views and happy hour 5-7- there is food and drink specials*